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Seeking Partner for Goblinary

Kitsune is all-in for SotA and is having a grand time there, so I'm looking for someone to help me host and develop the Goblinary, and even to help me make the decision about whether to make it open source.

Must Have: Experienced in Windows/.Net/Sql Server hosting, and willing to pay for it for the next year or so (I'll explain in private).

Would Be Nice: Experienced with Web UI design and writing Unit Tests, to cover my weak areas. Experienced with any or all of C#, Entity Framework, Web Api 2, Scrum, Dependency Injection, Data Architecture, and Solution Architecture to complement my strong areas.

Hopefully, there's still a little bit of interest out there. If so, just leave a reply here or contact me at my email address if you already have it.
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Hey there. Drop me an email and we can chat.
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Duffy Swiftshadow
I'd like to discuss some things regarding this area, hit me up with a time to chat, email is in my signature.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
I'm prepared to assist financially, but have no applicable web or programming skills.
To reach me, email
I don't have web experience, but would like some. I have a lot of .NET / C# / WPF / Silverlight (for desktop) experience. I'd probably be more immediately capable of building client-side apps that work with goblinary. A good character generator/planner would be useful, as well as client-side overlay extensions for in-game. Some of that could be web of course.

I did write a keyboard mapper application that is generally available. I haven't looked at it in about a year, but last time I checked everything was still working:
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I can turn my computer on and off. smile

Good luck with finding a strong partner for this Nihimon. It is used daily by many of us.
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Yes to goblinary. Should everything work out with NewCorp and the game gets rolling again more and more people will be going straight there character building.

Also a big endorsement for MidniteArrow's keyboard mapper. I've been using it since release and it has made controls epecially combat so much easier- now I target with index finger instead of a little finger that doesn't reach Tab in the first place.
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