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Flat-Footed on Opening Combat?

I've been told that upon opening combat with [at least] NPCs, they should have Flat-Footed applied to them for one round. This would make sense and be ideal for the Rogue, at the very least, who would likely stealth up to the opponent and then open combat with something that takes advantage of Flat-Footed. Because the NPCs would immediately engage in combat upon pressing the button for the attack (and thereby revealing myself), it is of course necessary that the Flat-Footed status stays for at least a few seconds (1 round) while that first attack goes off. From the sounds of it, that's all supposed to work great.

Except that it doesn't. At all. From what I can tell, Flat-Footed is only ever applied when manually applying it somehow (e.g. Distant Shot).

So, is this working as intended (that is, by not working at all)? Or is this yet-to-be-implemented? Or is this simply a bug that I should have reported instead of making a forum thread?
Stephen Cheney
Currently ninth on the combat features priority list.
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