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Is zigzagging across hex lines an exploit?

We all know that when you cross a hex border with others, there is a "shudder" as they appear to stop and then jump forward, until the servers have you in sync again.

If you are in a fight with someone, and they repeatedly cross over the hex border while being chased, to heal up, put some distance between you, change direction, etc.. Is that an exploit?

I am not talking about a straight run that crosses borders, but a zigzag run that stays in the same area, but never leaves the hex borders, never going into the centre of the hex.
The Eternal Balance
EOX use to do this regularly. They used it to drop DOTs and debuffs.

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I would say it's not an intended use of game mechanics. It's unfortunate that it debuffs upon each crossing and it will be used as such unless there is some kind of change made.
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I consider it an exploit to do so. That said, nothing can be done to correct it short of redesigning and reimplementing the hex boundary mechanics.
Duffy Swiftshadow
It's definitely sketchy and I hope they can fix or mitigate it in the nearish future.
I am asking the question about whether it is an exploit or not is du to the terms of service.
If Goblinworks says it is an exploit, then those doing it can be reported.
If it is not an exploit, then I too will likely use it.
I'd wager this falls squarely in the "cheating" category as long as it's done intentionally…but Bob can clarify.
Put the question to Bob then. An exploit is exploiting a feature or programming in the game for purposes unintended by the system design or the system designer.

The system design on crossing the hex boundary appears to me to be internal housekeeping. A traveller crossing the boundary has all effects, conditions and statuses removed, checked against whatever conditions or criteria that the new hex may present and effects, conditions and statuses that still are valid are re-applied. Termination of short term conditions and effects appears to be part of the system design for internal housekeeping purposes.

A 'exploit' is knowingly using this internal housekeeping process to dump DOT, debuffs and change flag states during PvP.

So, the question to Bob is "Is it the design intent that players use the hex boundary mechanic to dump DOT, debuffs and change flag states during PVP? If the answer is No, the it is an exploit. It is that simple to determine.
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Harad Navar
This might be considered to be in the "bug" category and request that it be corrected in some future patch. However, it might also be in the category of "too technically involved to do until there are more programming staff".
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I would throw it into the known bug and if deliberately used for some gain, the cheating category.
It's a bug because this is supposed to be a seamless and persistent world, including short term effects.
Now I wish you all great luck in being able to prove someone is deliberately using it and the glorious gen chat and forum slaughters arguing to do so.

If it would be easier to develop a mechanic where we can A. see the hex border, B. know that if we cross into a conflict hex, we are in conflict, and C. We know that if we cross out, we are not allowed back in for rep free fighting or just not physically at all, I would encourage that be done. If easier to fix hex transitions, then there you go…
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