Obviously GW is hoping to see NewCorp take over the game.

But I'm curious about plan B.

Has GW considered doing crowdfunding that would give the participants an investment stake in the product or the company? The SEC eased up some of their rules on investing, specifically to enable crowdfund investing.

Previously, crowdfunding got around the SEC rules by not offering a stake in the company, but rather a finished product (making the crowdfunder a "consumer" and not an "investor"smile.

While I can't see pouring thousands of dollars into PFO for accounts/titles/inns/etc… getting in on the ground floor of an "Eve with swords" game as an investment is rather appealing. SOMEONE is going to succeed with that model, and most MMOs are uninvestable by the average player because they are privately owned. MMos (like WoW) that *are* publicly investable are part of conglomerates so large you aren't investing in that individual title.

Of course, even if players invest in GW on the same scale we invest in stocks and bonds, the millions needed would likely require more investors than are currently playing.
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