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Wondering if this is worth a go

Hello all,
Long-time MMO player here, I've played LOTRO since beta, but frankly see the signs on the wall about it's coming demise. Looking for a new MMO. In my past I played a lot of D&D and AD&D, all going WAYYY back to the late 70s (well not the AD&D, that was later on in the 80s). My point here is I have always been curious about the Pathfinder system. BUT, I do know about the checkered past of this online game. Has it recovered ? Is it worth a sub ? Please advise …

All the best,
Hello Beldurax,

To answer your initial questions straight up, no, it has not recovered (yet), but yes, I believe it's worth the sub. I've been playing since November 2014 and this game has improved a lot. What drew me to this game was the fact that the developers were actually listening to the players about design and game features. I also believe that there were some poor management decisions made and they burned through their starting capital at a faster rate than anticipated. Couple that with the fact that the prior leadership's vision of a "minimum viable product" wasn't generating the subscriptions needed to continue rapid development, which derailed the project. Mind you, this is the opinion of someone watching from the outside with zero game development experience.

Fast forward to today. Goblinworks reached out to new investors to keep development moving forward. A new investor, who the players named 'NewCorp' (they haven't announced who they are yet), is finalizing a capital raise to purchase Pathfinder Online and finish development. There have been challenges and they are hopeful to make an announcement in early September.

From my own experience, I find PfO a lot of fun. We have a great online community. And by that I mean that we are all very helpful. Naturally, we have conflict both online and on the forums. The game itself has great mechanics. I've never played EVE, but players who have liken it to 'EVE with swords'. As a person who plays Pathfinder tabletop, the only thing that's lacking is the Pathfinder lore, but that's all coming with future development. And lastly, the graphic are average to below average, but NewCorp has also discussed an upgrade to the game engine.

All that's to say, I feel it's worth the sub (or six in my case) to be on the front end of a game that I believe has tremendous potential long term. Hope this helps and hope to see you in game.

What was it about LOTRO that appealed to you? PFO diverges a lot from the basic model of "follow quests to gain experience and equipment".

But if you really liked killing 8000 goblins, 8000 skeletons, and so forth we have you covered. The social and competitive group aspects are here as well.
Why wonder? Just get a free trial account and try it out.
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PFO's biggest problem is it lacks the population to call itself an MMO. If you want to feel like part of a bustling world filled with players, every other MMO on the market does a better job of that, at the moment.

Changes could be coming, they might even be coming very soon, but we were told that many months ago, too, and are still waiting.

There are nice people in PFO, and if you want to make a handful of new friends, this is an excellent place to do so. What's left of the community is still rather exceptional, and there are a lot more nice people who might rejoin if the game ever looks healthy again or if it goes free to play.
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Duffy Swiftshadow
Something to keep in mind is that PFO is a sandbox style game, there is very little 'guided' content at the moment and what little there is is really just a tutorial. Even with an influx of funds and development it will still primarily be a sandbox style game. If you're looking for a theme-park story style MMO you will probably not find it here. There is both PvE and PvP, but they are not segregated away from each other. Despite that, the game currently has very little to no ganking and PvP outside of specific restricted systems does penalize the aggressor. None the less, the current community is fairly intolerant of random gankers.

On the note of community the game really shines when joining and playing with members of a settlement, their are a couple different factions with different philosophies and personalities, odds are good one of them matches up with you. If you do give it a try you will eventually need to join a settlement to continue advancing your character, so I would recommend being a little outgoing from the start to see which groups you might mesh with.

If you like themed content in an established fantasy setting filled with player controlled towns and territory, lite RP elements within the community, and all the politics that come with those PFO is definitely worth a shot.
@ Beldurax

Hi there. There isn't much to add to what these folk have already told you. They have done a pretty good job. Let's see if I can add anything…
If you like:

*All gear and buildings(99%) are crafted by players.
*Crafting is essential and even if you do not craft yourself, you will want to be friendly with a group that has crafters in it.
*Banks and auction houses are local, meaning YOU have to move stuff around if needed.
*Your adventuring life is not scripted for you by chains of quests. It is up to you and your group(if you join one, see below).
*Skills are fairly easy to mix and match. There is almost(feels like) an infinite number of skill combinations and character customization. The real pinnacle of power is in focus but even that is still broad enough to be fascinating.
*Your personal power, enjoyment(opinion), and ability to do things are greatly magnified by cooperating within a like minded group of other players. This from pick up group temporary parties to Company membership, to the settlement that you choose to live at.

Starting out: I suggest that you give it a try using the free 2 week Trial. Right away you will find out that the game does not hold the hand of the new player. There are a set of tutorials which can help you learn the basics of the 5 core "roles" of cleric, fighter, rogue, wizard, crafter. Pick one and follow it or better do all of them, but be sure that you pay attention and read each part carefully as you go along. Experience is earned at 100pts/hr whether logged in or not while your account is active. The other half of that is you do need TO PLAY TO GET ACHIEVEMENTS which, with the xp, you use to increase the skills that you want to grow. Do not worry too much about a few days of xp spent to try some things out.

Next: After the tutorials you may feel that you are at loose ends. Not much guidance there for this next phase. The game is designed for and encourages that players be part of a group. All aspects of the game are easier with the help of others and working together, all things are a good deal more easy. You could solo for a while. It is not impossible. An active, like minded, and similar play "time zone" group helps a great deal. I feel that the active group is somewhat critical to longevity of interest but that is opinion.

Going Forward: By the end of week 2, if you have given this a real hero's try, you will be hooked and addicted or at least see the great potential here and bookmark it for later "check backs". You will have made a new friend or 12 and possibly a rival-frenemy or two.
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Hobson Fiffledown
Just in case you wanted some non sugar-coated breakfast. smile

On the topic of the game's "checkered past", as you put it, nothing much has changed. When the game crashed almost a year ago…officially, the developers went to a ghost ship crew of three(?). So, except for a little cleaning up here and there, the game is pretty much mechanically the same as it was 12 months ago.

There has been no game recovery, and it feels like there are only a couple of dozen players on at a time now…when it's busy.

Supposedly, a company, which goes by the name of NewCorp in the forums, is interested in taking over, but the deal hasn't been closed yet. If that happens, many people anticipate an injection of funds and resources to bring the game development back up to speed.

And since you mentioned checking out the Pathfinder system, you should know that the PFO system is entirely different than the books, except for some thematic stuff.

But yeah, all that stuff other people said too. And it's FREE to try…so, why not?
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If you do make a trial account, it would be great and a favor to lots of people if you could keep a list of the things about the interface and rules that you either had to ask about or were difficult to figure out. Getting better tutorials and sticky posts out so that new players can understand what's going on is important, but it's hard for people who already understand something to write for people who don't understand it at all.
Harad Navar
I echo what has been said, both the positive and the negative. I participated in the 2nd Kickstarter for PFO and have played since Early Enrollment started. I wanted a game where I could feel connected to the people with whom I chose to play. This has been of mixed result so far, primarily because of a lack (at least in my view) of a robust social networking structure. I am drawn to the idea of a community invested in what they create in-game. I look forward to supporting my settlement and its members both in peace and in war. I am a "maker" and a "protector" because that is who I am and I have always role-played that in my gaming. I fully expect to be able to realize that at a new and as yet un-experienced level in PFO.

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