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Wondering if this is worth a go

The game is very addictive if you hook up with an active settlement and get involved in making it a success.

To get rid of any misconceptions. What the game is not:
  • not a direct port of pathfinder/D&D tabletop rules (for legal reasons and its already been done anyway)
  • not EVE with swords and elves instead of spaceships
  • not another traditional MMO using some evolution of the Gary Gygax early D&D leveling/feat/role system
  • not a "collect killmails" PvP fest
  • not particularly a "walk around and admire the cool movie like graphics" game
  • not a themepark game with lots of premade scripted quests
  • not instanced
  • not a game intended to be played longterm as a solo player
  • not finished - you need to want to be in on the early development not expect a polished package

What the game is:
  • addictive once you get into it
  • a relative unique attempt to break away from XP based generic leveling used in virtually all other games
  • a social game that requires group play to succeed
  • challenging to learn, the keyword system is totally new and ingenious
  • challenging to play, there is no "end game" gear that makes you invulnerable
  • a fully open world you can go anywhere and there are no instances
  • a game where the same character can still be evolving 10 years from now
If you do make a trial account, it would be great and a favor to lots of people if you could keep a list of the things about the interface and rules that you either had to ask about or were difficult to figure out. Getting better tutorials and sticky posts out so that new players can understand what's going on is important, but it's hard for people who already understand something to write for people who don't understand it at all.

Best post ever.

We seriously need advice from fresh eyes.
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-Edmund Burke
One warning I'd add is to avoid paying for many accounts unless you're retired with an amazing amount of leisure time that you want to dedicate to PFO.

Even if you can afford the subscription fees for an embarrassing number of accounts, the game mechanics are not as friendly to a casual player with multiple accounts as they are in Eve-Online, for instance.

Though you gain training points (xp) passively, your training costs coin and you need to complete achievements to be allowed to train each feat. Unless you have unlimited play time, you'll discover that it is difficult to afford the training for many accounts as well as to find the time to grind the achievements for all your accounts. Don't let the ease of training at the beginning fool you, the grind gets steeper as you go, and for the long haul, you'd be better off with as few accounts as you can stand to have. If NewCorp decides to make the game more altoholic friendly (to earn all those extra subscription fees) by removing achievements as a requisite to training, throw away this advice, but much of this community likes the achievement requisites for training, so don't bet on it going away.

Some may argue it isn't difficult to have many accounts, but the most authoritative of those voices wound up getting banned for duping, so now I realize why he found it so easy.
He who wrestles with us strengthens our nerves and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper.
-Edmund Burke
Depends on what you mean by *a lot* of accounts. I have had no issues with my original two DT accounts and have added a few more this year which has allowed me to broaden my activities in game. I am not retired, have a full time job and a family, and have not found the game mechanics to be particularly bothersome in preventing me from making achievements or buying the feats I want.
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Have you managed to spend all the xp for all your characters?

Even when I play actively, I found myself sitting around with unspent xp waiting for gating.

I do play a few other games, though. It probably was a mistake for me to pay so much money into a game that wasn't able to become my long-term main form of entertainment.

I just like to warn people that the passive xp system isn't as "passive" a way to have a stable of characters as it is in Eve so they don't get fooled, like me, into spending money on accounts they can't even maximize. I started turning off accounts until each account I'm playing has spent its xp. Then I'll turn on an account again. But having paid a $55 "box" premium (over the subscription time) for each of my accounts I'm probably even more sensitive to the wasted money than a new player who only pays for time.

But I'll also point out that as my oldest characters became able to fill multiple roles, I realize that the real min-max in this game may turn out be having just one character that can do everything.
He who wrestles with us strengthens our nerves and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper.
-Edmund Burke
Duffy Swiftshadow
It depends on your character focus, it's trivially easily to manage an army of crafters (most of my alts) as they just need crafting achievements they can get standing in town. Gathering is next in difficulty, which is to say not particularly but you have to run around the map at least a little bit, and spend more than a few mins a day playing them. Combat characters is where there can be a grind, but that heavily depends on your character's focus. I have 4 combat characters all using one primary weapon and one secondary weapon. Leveling their weapon achievements are the greatest effort, but it's still way less effort than leveling say 4 classes in a typical Themepark, however the more variety you branch into the tougher and tougher it gets. So when dealing with multiple characters it's really a question of how many different things are you trying to get the weapon achievements for and what's the most efficient way to do it.

Using the EVE comparison, even that's not entirely free to level you still need to make enough ISK to buy the training books, but there are less ways to get slowed down as long as you're increasing your wallet one way or another.

I will admit wholeheartedly I'm probably in the extreme playtime group where PFO is my primary game so I average at least a few hours most nights.
Paddy Fitzpatrick
There is definitely some active grind in all aspects but I agree the main one is combat. The main thing about the grind is the achievement "xp" does not scale (1 kill = 1 xp point, period), while the requirements for the next level do not increase linearly. There is also no way to either boost the achievement grind rate nor is there increased achievement "xp" for killing tougher mobs. A goblin is worth the same as a t3 legendary mob so if grind is what you need you are better off with goblins.

It is a slight flaw that hopefully will be adjusted at a later tine but it is something to keep in mind.

Also, I do think there is one thing to note about levelibg multiple alts in themeparks as opposed to this game. In a themepark you typically dont need another alt in the first place to remain competitve. In this game, while you can still get along fine with one account, having two to four (one or two for combat and one to two for gathering/crafting) is almost a must to be competitive. Part of that I admit is due to the low pop and a higher pip will mitigate some of the need.

I recommend staying with one account until you got the game down pat before branching out though. For your next toon if you get one, you dont wanna be flying blind.
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The thing with Eve's training costs is that buying PLEX to auction for isk is always available as a backup to the time limited player. I'm assuming Goblin Balls (the PLEX equivalent) will eventually make it into PFO. When they do, the difference between the 2 games' "passive xp" will be that PFO has an achievement grind.
He who wrestles with us strengthens our nerves and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper.
-Edmund Burke
I'm not retired. In fact, I have a family, work 40-50 hours a week and still find time to play. My issue is that I am an 'alt-a-holic'. I like playing a variety of characters and unfortunately PfO didn't offer an easy way to do that, except to have multiple subscriptions. Do I play every character each week? No. But I am also not sitting on mounds of XP either. All my characters are far enough along now where I'm waiting to accrue XP to purchase the next set of feats.
I'm perhaps a more active player than typical, but I have no problem spending all of the XP I want to.
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