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Wondering if this is worth a go


Very well said.

Yes, that was a very reasonable argument for the status quo and time may show it to be correct.

I don't even have a horse in the casual vs. hardcore race since I'm down to one job now and can play as much as anyone else (who isn't retired/unemployed). I don't play as much PFO as many of you (right now) because there are better (finished) games. But if I get serious about PFO again, I'm in fairly good shape for the long haul, though not as much as those of you with infinite faith and patience who have endured (or even enjoyed) more gametime and paid more subscription time than I was willing to commit.

But I'm way ahead of the mythical next 10,000 players. smile
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The thing about the long haul is that it hasn't even started yet. I'll give a status update at EE+5 years.
I am playing a little less PFO last few weeks but only because I spend a lot of time in No Man's Sky (over 100 hours so far and have not left the starter system).

Ironically No Man's Sky is even more fashionable to hate on amongst the "attack every game that is not a bigger shinier version of what I already play" crowd than PFO attracts. Like PFO a lot of the knockers never actually tried the game. They apparently even have people buying the game just so they can put up negative comments on steam and then claim a refund smile In some respective the negative bandwagon PFO attracted is mild in comparison.

You will always get that. The Simms was simultaneously the biggest selling PC game of all time (when you count addons) as well as the most criticized online for "stupid overpriced and pointless" for many years. It is partly due to the "teenage boy" and "30+ guy behaving like a teenage boy" nature of gaming websites, gaming reviews and gaming forums.
Paddy Fitzpatrick
It is partly due to the "teenage boy" and "30+ guy behaving like a teenage boy" nature of gaming websites, gaming reviews and gaming forums.

Which sadly has changed very little over the years. smile
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Thread necromancing another debate about XP over time and subscriptions.

I know there is a thread where Bob and Lisa jumped in on the whole “pricing/subscriptions model” debate, but I will be (beeped) if I can find it… smile
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