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Dumb idea - come play

We’ve all played capture the flag. It’s a friendly, yet competitive game. One of the rules is the flag must be visible on the carrier.

How can we play that in Pathfinder? With a flag that is bigger and dumber than a piece of cloth.


Capture The Mule

Two companies with humorous names will feud. One is named The Blue Meanies. The other has not yet been named. (Nihimon is pondering this while grinning.) Teams will be intermingled players from across the map, not city or alliance specific. Teams will be chosen immediately prior to the game, and disbanded after, so the feud ends when the game ends. Other teams are possible in the future. Everyone is welcome. This is sport. This is fun. THIS IS SILLY.

Tier 1 only, including consumables, to keep it friendly with little equipment cost. All gear limited to +2. Tier 1 creates some balance between new and experienced players so everyone can play. Those playing with anything higher will be recognized and turned over to Saoirse as a play toy (or to others as they volunteer – Paddy?), so, honor system with prejudice. All tier 1 gear means we can have a drink in the tavern together afterwards (possibly in our underwear) and part as friends. Then the bards can write glorious tales of farce.

This first time is a beta test, and will be ultra-simple. As is typical in a friendly neighborhood pick-up game, we may stop mid-game and rearrange rules or teams depending. Team leaders will be able to contact each other if/when rules need adjusting. We want additional games in the future, possibly a traveling game. There are legion variations of this, including gear restrictions, number of mules, different geography or typical monsters, and scenarios. One of my favorites so far could be called Hide and Go Mule.

Hexes will be Kevin 1 & 2. (Kevin is the escalation hex north east of Hammerfall.) There is a resurrection shrine at the half way line/point in the escalation hex. There is an inn in Kevin 3, so we can take a full stop halftime and efficiently recharge. These hexes have no rivers, steep hills, or other geographic hindrances making both sides of the field fairly well matched. Both hexes have ogres, because every playing field needs ogre hazards.

Game will start at center line. Drive the mule to either the mountain edge, or to the dead city line. Essentially soccer (football), as played by 4 year olds, which is possibly the finest soccer ever. (Violators of the tier 1 rule shall sport a bloody red “flag” before they are asked to leave the playing field). Teams members should color their armor and gear into team colors (blue and red) as much as is feasible. Game will go an undetermined amount of time, not to exceed 90 minutes depending on player interest, scoring and gear loss. Winning team gets to name the mule the next time out – must be general chat friendly. First mule shall be named … Toledo. (Because Poughkeepsie is too hard to spell.) If others wish to add prizes, that is fine.

Thursday September 22, beginning at 8:30 pm est. Onlookers welcome. Popcorn concession has already been claimed.


Crafters, if you are selling T1 gear, please publicize what and where. Those who need Tier 1 gear for this purpose and aren’t finding it in the auction houses, please contact your Settlement Leaders, Fiery Gatherer or Glinder. We will try to arrange it. Advance warning is a good thing. Hammerfall Auction house will have a stock of T1 gear for sale on game day.
New players, sponsors are available to provide gear so you don’t destroy your existing kit and leave nekkid. Please contact one of the above people to arrange it.
This is when the Ferengi attack.
Drakis [Arrodima] [Default Speaker] [PvE Soldier, Empyrean Legion ]
Nijah [Arrodima] [Leader, The Argent Defenders, PvE]
Jinh [Arrodima] [Leader, The Concordian Council]
I like it! I plan to be there.
… and here I was hoping it would be mule racing smile
Wolf of Rathglen
It is mule racing, just a bit more violent than usual.
Hammerfall: Like a waterfall, but tougher.
An anonymous donor has offered a purse of 3 gold to be split among the winning team.
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