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Capture the Mule

People are welcome to show up to play. (See post Dumb idea - come and play for more information)
Escalation hex north east of Hammerfall as the reference hex, (called Kevin.)
Games in Kevin 1 & 2.
8:30 eastern Thursday.

I'm wondering who is planning to be there.
Can I get a "Huzzah", a "I'm in", or a "Garumph" from those who are pretty sure they will be playing.

I'm in
Nihimon murmurs in sheer ecstasy as the magic courses through his veins
I work at those hours unfortunately. Have fun allsmile
I assume you mean 2030 Eastern Thursday, or Friday at 0230 GMT? Do you have the influence required for the feud yet?
I'm told the feuding company does have the influence.
Yes - evening.
Wolf of Rathglen
In a surprising twist of events, the MULE won Golarion's first ever Capture the Mule Games.

Well, it is a sandbox after all…

Details at 11!
Hammerfall: Like a waterfall, but tougher.
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