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[Potential Bug] Skeleton Uprising/Mercenary Raid Missing

Duffy Swiftshadow
We started tracking escalation spawns and kills across 16 Lion hexes we frequent and I've just noticed we haven't seen a Skeleton Uprising or Mercenary Raid in the last 2 months since we started tracking. Could just be random being random (or we missed it spawning and being killed somewhere in less than 24 hours) but thought I would throw it out there, if anyone else can confirm seeing one of those escalations recently somewhere else on the map that would clear it up too.
They are at very least rare. We have seen both in the last 2 months near Oz. We were thinking the same until then.
Virtute et Armis
Those are both pretty rare. They're also both fairly low-level, so most players wouldn't go out of their way to finish them off in a less-populated part of the map. As a result, they could wind up sitting in out-of-the-way hexes for long periods of time, preventing them from popping up elsewhere. Eventually, they weaken to the point where it's at least worth someone's time to get a quick boss kill, which frees them up to appear elsewhere.
That's what I figured as well. For the groups that check lots of hexes, the chief benefit to killing off one of those escalations is that something valuable can spawn there.
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