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4 Day 1 DT accounts for sale

I think it fitting that I offer for sale these four Day 1 DT accounts under this account name as it is a name that is part of the Lore of PFO way back to the very beginning, and PFO is a game that has given me countless hours of enjoyment over these many months. I am not Cheatle, and he does not play the game any more to my knowledge, but I have owned this account for months now and somehow it just seems right that this account should post the sale. This account is part of DT account #3 as listed below.

DT Account #1
Toon #1: Human Rogue Gatherer
T3 shortbow attacks
Scout 10
Daredevil 7
Forester 14 Scavenger 14
T3+3 gear
70k xp

Toon #2: Dwarven Tank
Dragoon 12
Heavy Blade Specialization 9
T3 Longsword attacks
T3 Trophy Charm
50 gold coins
T3+3 gear
30K xp

DT Account #2
Toon #1: Dwarven Omni Gatherer
Level 14 Gatherer in Mining, Scavenging, Forestry & Dowsing
50 gold coins

Toon #2: Elven Jeweler/Artificer
Level 17 Jeweler
Level 15 Artificer
241k xp

DT Account #3
Toon #1: Dwarven Armorsmith
Level 19 Armorsmith (226 Armorsmith skill)
167k xp

Toon #2: Human Cleric (Elric Fontain)
Crusader 9
Healer 8
Charm & Protection Domain 7
T2 Focus attacks & Expendables
575K xp

DT Account # 4
Toon #1: Dwarf
1.29 million xp unspent

Toon #2: Elf
1.27 million xp unspent

PM me your best offer. The accounts will be sold to the first bidder who meets the reserve price which may not necessarily be the highest bid. I will contact the successful bidder to arrange for the transfer which I expect to be completed within 3 days of notification. I will also put a notification of the status here as appropriate. I would MUCH prefer to sell them together as a package but would also consider selling them individually if the price is right.

If you have any other questions, please let me know.
I am suspending these account sales until such time as NewCorp has something to say one way or the other on the future of the game. Once that happens I will update the posting with new accumulated XP amounts. Thank you.

Edit: 1 account has sold
Hey cheatle not sure if you remember me I was with tsv echo woodsman I am interested in you unspent account would be willing to make a deal now or once we hear on new company.

I let my account laps as it was looking like I could have been out of a job am now regretting it.

If you still do not wish to sell at this time plz keep me in mind when you do
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