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Thoughts after Capture the Mule

Toledo the Mule was the winner and thwarted all players. Hail Toledo! Champion of Mules.

The five players had fun and think it worth trying again, (depending on today’s news).

Random thoughts after Capture the Mule…

Mule was started on a hex line. What could possibly go wrong? (Answer – no one could claim him – he was stuck.) Additional tests will be center hex starts.

Mules don’t show on the players party screen, so a player with a mule may not even know it’s theirs. No chaos was harmed by this. Some may have happened. Perhaps adding the mule to the owners party only would at least communicate I have a Mule.

Can mule pack colors be customized like other gear? Useful in knowing which is yours in multi mule situations.

The most valuable asset in the game Right Now is not black, it’s Players.

Players want PvP. It keeps them interested.

Managing and disagreement over resources is essential to Pathfinder. That doesn’t mean PvP happens daily or even weekly, especially at current player levels. This means the opportunity to PvP is limited. When the fight is over land, it’s High Powered. War should be expensive, in gear and in influence.

PK achievement is part of personality, which is needed for levels in STUFF. Without personality, certain feats are unattainable. Not much in the game increases personality, except for beating up on each other. Those who weren’t in the War of the Towers, or the Forever War are perpetually a second class because not all feats are possible. Unless they go out hunting players with concurrent rep loss. Server rep loss has a greater cost than guards-will-attack-you rep loss. Time heals the latter, but not the former.

If too much land changes hands, players get hurt feelings and quit. That is bad for the game.

Jousting was a substitute for war – to burn off energy of the knights.

There are 2 currencies in PFO. Gold and Influence. It costs as much in influence to host a 2-hour party as it does to try to take a hex or three. This lacks frugality. It encourages PvP only when absolutely necessary.

o How difficult/feasible would it be to add 1 to 4-hour feud options in half hour increments?
o Time parameters customizable. The feud can be placed on Wed, for active time at X on Friday so everyone knows in advance it’s happening.
o At an influence cost worthy of a party, not permanent land gain? (See above.)
o This is not currently a request for an upgrade, but a question about logistics. A 10-minute enhancement is an entirely different request than a 10-day enhancement.
o Allow players more opportunity to fight opponents of Not Artificial Intelligence.
o Practice strategy. Host parties & games. Have fun. Gain experience & Social standing.

Bob has perpetual first dibs on the Mule Games popcorn concession. Glinder decrees this. It shall be so.

Red player dot = my enemy. Blue dot = my friend (company/party). White = neutral. Could color be used to warn otherwise neutral players? Any actively feuding neutral player dot shows green, not the current white? Thus a clump of green will give greater warning on the tactical map that something is afoot. This is a non-issue with current server population. Multiply population by 10+, and add the option of PvP for fun. There could be collateral damage in a game setting. PvP for fun doesn’t necessarily happen in red crossed sword hexes. There are no warning lights. Being proactive with warning labels would be better than waiting.

The mule winning was the funniest outcome possible the first time out. Increased the absurdity quotient of any future games.
You know I reckon the better way to do this might be a Mario Kart style PvP mule race. Two teams of several players. Each player has a mule. The teams must somehow get all their mules to negotiate an obstacle course (around this rock over that bridge etc). The winning team is the first to unload all of the cargo from all their mules into the destination (holdings or more mules). Attacking mules is banned attacking opposing players is encouraged.
we actually have multiple scenarios & variables for mule games so it doesn't get boring. (gear, 1K alts, multiple mules, terrain etc) More are welcome. The first time out was the simplest way we could possibly do it just to see if/how it would work. The second will probably be similar, but a mid hex start, to see if either team can actually move the mule more than 10 steps. Only 5 of us were playing/beating on each other this time, so strategy and complexity weren't factors. We were all in the same Mumble channel laughing and saying gotcha.

Mules get caught in AoE's even friendly fire AoEs, but I like the idea of the direct mule violence ban as a good variable. Mulio Kart is as awesome an idea as Hide and Go Mule. Thanks. Cannonball Mule Run has also been suggested, something like Forgeholm to Greystone Keep. (I'm sure we have one or two bandits in the game who would make good use of
that information.) Ideas like that need teams greater than 2 & 3 players.
Our actual goal is for other groups to find this as silly as we do, host similar parties, and invite us to play with them too. Right now we are trying to work out feasibility and find major problems.
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