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NewCorp Update September 24

To a point you're right, Edam, but we've been strung along since like March – and we've been paying subscriptions (often multiple) the whole time. I've been treating my subscription more like an investment than a payment to get access to what we have now, and I suspect a lot of other people have been doing the same, many of which have spent much more than I have.

You can see why we might get frustrated as our sunk costs continue to rise with no word about whether this is even actually happening, or how much longer we will need to invest before it starts "paying off".
Cleric of Sarenrae
On the plus side childish tantie throwing is sure to put the game in a great light and really encourage the unknown investors to fork up lots of cash smile

There would be no investment opportunity if things were going so well that the players weren't grumbling.

The current circumstances present a fascinating opportunity. I and my investor friends are keeping an eye on the situation ourselves. Unfortunately, at least 2 of us had to file for tax extensions this year so we're a bit too distracted with meeting our current obligations to be making our own pitch.

But the current level of customer anxiety doesn't make us less interested. It shows us people are still engaged.

People's anxieties are justified, and if, after announcing a plan, there is any particular customer who is throwing an unreasonable and unjustified tantrum, well that's what ban-hammers are for.
He who wrestles with us strengthens our nerves and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper.
-Edmund Burke
Paying only $15/month, not playing*, reading, watching, hoping, waiting… sums up my last years worth of PFO time.

(*With a new change of work shift, that will change very soon)
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Well Tuffon has been out of game for a couple months.. real life has taken hold of any free time I have.. ..

My message to NewCorp /investors etc ..
I supported this game for the last year plus.. I kept playing after the original GW layoffs.. even picked up a few more accounts..
Currently they are all still active… BUT..
If my wife takes notice of the charges at the end of the month when she is doing the bills, I can no longer win the argument they are for a fun game I intend to play when my real world stuff slows down..

I know you have many issues going in your world ( mainly securing financing I assume).. as for me and my subscriptions… you are racing against my wife asking what those charges are for and then me having to shut them off due to not being able to make a compelling argument to keep them active..

I imagine I’m not alone in that boat..

Its one thing to have them and think of them as something I really want to play when I can, but with each passing month I am not sure I can win that argument with my wife, and as most married folks will attest to… only get into arguments over things that matter ..
PFO has slipped past that point where it matters to me .. so without some good news about the game soon ( direction.. plans.. funding etc).. if I am confronted with what to do about my accounts they probably will be shut down..
Paddy Fitzpatrick

Maybe you can just shut down most of em and keep like a couple of em that got your main toons on em?

I dunno how many ya got but yeah, shut all but maybe one or two down. You can always reactivate em later.
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If I could make an argument for keeping 1.. I could make the same argument for the rest of them..
My point is I can’t make an argument to keep one right now, and wouldn’t even try to do so with the news we have to date..

Now the good news for New Corp is Millie (my wife) doesn’t really pick through each transaction.. but who knows what she is going to do this holiday season .. decorations.. gifts new sweater for some random party.. etc.. if she decides she needs a few extra bucks for all that jolly nonsense.. I cant even win that argument for keeping them active vs that stuff….

My point more than anything is .. New Crop - start giving us more information. Cause if you don’t I have nothing I can use to win an argument about keeping my accounts active If Millie starts poking around…
If I could make an argument for keeping 1.. I could make the same argument for the rest of them..
My point is I can’t make an argument to keep one right now, and wouldn’t even try to do so with the news we have to date..
Your Argument is you need to keep at least 1 account open so I have someone to poke fun at.. namely Tuffon!! Geesh you been gone so long already I am needing a fix smile
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I believe I have entered into the realm where I now feel dirty keeping my accounts subbed. It is like NewCorp (whatever that actually means) is performing some kind of sick subtle social science experiment on us all. The game world is empty, mumble is empty, yet how many of us are still paying? hoping? praying these unnamed entities who keep stringing us along will actually manage to pull off this mysterious funding deal?

Hope use to spring eternal; now it just kind of slouches in the corner in a pair of dirty underwear drooling into a stale bowl of white cheddar cheez doodles.
Hobson Fiffledown
I don't even need to win an argument to keep accounts alive and I'm down to barely one…your move NewCorp.

The complicated transaction excuse is starting to hold a lot less water with those of us who have dealt with much more complicated transactions.

And I'd be fine if GW just continued on with Bob and Co. I can understand their predicament, and think they are doing a very good job…all things considered. But, crap or get off the pot already, NC. #bidnessHandleyours
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I'm at the point where I feel no need to keep accounts subbed. I had the most accounts in my guild and now have only one account active when I need my PFO fix (mostly so I can continue to remember how to play the game).

If 10,000 new players come I have a substantial lead on them in xp/achievements/gold/gear/mats/recipes/spells/etc.
and any worries of falling behind the current players isn't strong enough to overcome the possibility that all that money is wasted if the game fails, or my worries that all that money might go uncompensated in a server wipe.
He who wrestles with us strengthens our nerves and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper.
-Edmund Burke
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