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High Road Covenant Moves to Dissolve as a Political Entity

After much internal debate and introspection into the events of the previous year, the citizens of the High Road Covenant recognize that our fellow Brothers and Sisters of the North are of like mind, goals, and ambition. In light of this, our citizenry has made the decision to dissolve the entity formerly known as the High Road Covenant. From this day forward citizens of Caer Coedwig, High Road, Talonguard, Tavernhold and Veggr Tor shall henceforth be recognized members of the Dominion of the Northern Marches with the full rights and responsibilities inherent therein. From this day forward we move together into a future in which the North is a unified nation and a positive force for good in the River Kingdoms.
Go West for freedom and adventure! Join the free soil settlers of High Road. Be a positive and constructive force for freedom in the Bulwark Hills.
You are a Troll
Interesting - the Blob grows to colossal size!
Just for formality, would the Dominion please recognize this declaration?
Caius Phlagelicus
Just for formality, would the Dominion please recognize this declaration?
Is there some hurry?
Hobson Fiffledown
Just for formality, would the Dominion please recognize this declaration?

As long as we're being formal, I believe that should read "The Honorable Ladies and Gentlemen of the Dominion".

This space for rent.
Stilachio Thrax
A hearty welcome to our new brothers and sisters! Looking forward to our shared future!
Virtus et Honor

Steward of Ozem's Vigil, Lord Commander of the Argyraspides Iomedais
<—Huge Smile!
Virtute et Armis
"Circles of power, gathered by EARTH, welcomed by GOLD, in strife and in mirth. Focused by CRYSTAL, guided by LIGHT, showing the way, by day and by night. wrought in IRON, strengthened by STEEL, together we stand, in wrack and in weal. Hidden in SHADOW, explored by WOOD, we circle together, for the greater good." –Maxikyd–
Paddy Fitzpatrick
Well there is one I did not expect to see, lol.

Paddy Fitzpatrick - Rí Ruírec of Fianna, roaming bands of noble warriors!
Member of the Kathalpas Coalition and home of bandits, privateers, and anyone looking to get away from the shackles of law.
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Well … Nertz! See what happens when I don't play for a couple of months?! We couldn't be the Confederated States of the Northern Marches, South Branch? [Guess that tells you which part of the US I live in] smile

Got to remember to change my signature now. smile
Crafting! Gathering! Monster Killing! Exploring! Politicking! That's us in a nutshell! Ranged Attackers, crafters and gatherers come join the Holy Magicks company based out of High Road. Our main motto is "Death Thru Superior Fire Powers!"
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