The update notes said that Blue Stock was being added, but I haven't seen it anywhere yet. I've harvested a lot of nodes and will continue harvesting nodes in different hexes but for now, I haven't found any and nobody has been able to tell me where to find it. Some have found a Salvage replacement on goblins, but nothing from harvesting nodes.

This, combined with apparently only one Tier 1 Common Apothecary recipe means advancing to level 3 Apothecary is near impossible. At least it wasn't too hard to get the Adventure achievements that Apothecary takes instead of the normal Crafting achievements.

This is the primary Bottleneck I have to making bows because I NEED to be able to make Weak Varnish. Heck, I even already have +2 Hemp Twine… actually I could have a +3 or +4, I haven't looked at it since it should have finished while I slept. At this rate I'll be making a +2 or better bow as soon as I can get the skill to make the Varnish.
On a side note, Hemp is dropping, but I am only seeing it in Trash nodes, not Plant nodes.