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Damage formula?

I remember seeing it somewhere, but can't seem to find it again. Can someone post a link? or better yet one of the devs post it here?

Just to be clear I'm looking for the formula for calculating damage.
f = damage factor. f is shown on attack tooltip
b = base damage. b = 40 + 5/matched minor keyword (max 4) + 20/matched major (max 2, 1 at T2, 1 at T3)
r = enemy resistance. r is relevant resistance as shown on character sheet
a = attack bonus. a, d are displayed on character sheet.
d = enemy defense. d includes Reflex, Fort, Will and is the one appropriate to the attack. d ~ 50*tier as a start. -10 ref for medium, -20 ref for heavy
roll = min/middle/max of 3d200 depending on tier

total attack roll = roll + a
penalty = 0.063*sqrt(how much you missed by), or 0 if total attack roll>d
Damage = (1-penalty)*f*(b-r)

Edit: You can also increase b with many weapon related fighter class features and with sneak attack.
Initial Section of Combat Guide links to a PDF with a detailed explanation of the Combat mechanics.
Nihimon murmurs in sheer ecstasy as the magic courses through his veins
Hedrik Holiday
Quick! Someone figure out how to get a resistance of 100+!!
Current max physical resistance is the T3 plate mail +3, with Unbreakable armor feat maxed out, Protection domain class feature maxed out, and physical resistant buff from some source.

Wizards will still be a major threat.
Unbreakable and Protection don't stack due to being on the same channel.
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