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Oct. 15 - Any word on when the Servers will be up?

Garric Orcsbane
Will the eggs be green Sam I am?
Ham it up, Garric!
The green ones are from goblins. Don't eat those.
Just heard from Bob that they know about it and it should be fixed soon.
He's very sorry everything got scrambled.
Just yolking.
But seriously.
The server is down
No connect client tells me
What to do without
I'm in.
Garric Orcsbane
Back in, no yolks
Sorry about that everyone. We weren't aware things were down until recently, hence the delay in getting things restarted. We believe we've fixed the problem so that it won't happen again tomorrow, but I'll be sure to double-check right after downtime to make sure.
Thanks, Bob. Appreciate it.
Father Bronin
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