Couple thoughts.. definitely leave the feature at 1.
When we get to discussing spellcraft. Perhaps look into ways to add the portions of features to various miscellaneous gear.
Perhaps a single minor key word to a hat. Belt glove. Maybe a reduced version of part of a domain.
Leave features alone.. I agree one is fine.. 2 would be too wonky..

wait for spellcraft to come online and request minor additions from features and other keywords for expendables be included in that aspect of the game..
Just my 2 copper
not on my phone now and i wanted to elaborate on the above..

My understanding of what spell craft is and what it is going to be may be flawed..

From What i understand of spellcraft now is that it will be used on teh +4 and +5 crafted items.
Now how that happens is a mystery to me.. and will probalby remain so until they write up what they are doing..
So hopefully food for thought while they are figuring that out themselves -
Below is what i think would work well -

Make +4 able to hold minor things, and +5 able to hold major things-
Make head / necklaces items concentrate on adding keywords

Belts concentrate on adding physical abilities

Boots could deal with speed and stealth..

Gloves could be focus on attack bonuses etc..

Packs could be encumbrance increases etc
add skill bonuses for spell crafted items as well.
(Generic ones that can fit in any gear)

Crafting bonus of 5 for a minor- 10 for a major
Refining can add 5 skill for aminor - and a 1% crit increase for a major, or 10
Gathering can add increase skills as well -
Knowledge skill bonus ones
Anyway -

Its my hope that instead of adding things to the paper doll-

They make it difficult to get those things and hard to keep them active all the time.
Would it make you way better compared to someone who didnt have all that done? sure -
but you are going to die-
and when you die 20 times you have to do all of it over again (or only wear that stuff when absolutely needed..)