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Challenge of Gatherings

Looks like 5 Gatherings was just about right, since there are still 2 in-progress to be taken down. Get those cleaned up over the next 25 hours and we'll see if together you can take 6 down in the same amount of time!

Of course, you'll also want to make sure there are 6 open spaces available, so clear out the riffraff from any hexes you'd like Gatherings to appear in. Just don't clear them out too soon or something else might land there at the last minute. You're safe already to clear out any of the tougher escalations, and even the easier ones will be safe to clear during the last 23 hours or so.
Excellent work, all 5 Gatherings have been cleared! See you all at 5 PM Pacific today to start up 6 new ones.
smile !
Lisa Stevens
I want to say something about The Nightstalkers. Everybody talks about them as some secret kabal of super stealth PVE poachers who terrorize the map with their late night escapes.

What they truly are is an offshoot of Aussiedwarfs weekly escalation get togethers (I can't recall the name he gave them). The idea was to get all the folks who have to play during the US night together to do escalations. Upwards of 12 people would get on and focus on an escalation once a week. Then, when the Usties became a regular fixture in the swamp hex near Hammerfall and there was day round harvesting of legend knights down there, many of the folks from those weekly escalation hunts became nightly regulars in Toad Hollow.

When Bob fixed the knights so you couldn't keep the escalation up forever, instead of splitting up, the night group decided to keep playing together and starting to do escalations around the map. But here is the kicker, it isn't an exclusive group. The group pretty much changes every night depending on who is available. In the past three days, we have played with folks from Keeper's Pass, University Commons, Ozem's Vigil, Talonguard, Brighthaven, Mediash, and Forgeholm. Heck, there is even an ex-Golgothan. You can add folks from Emerald Lodge, Phaeros, Aragon, and Sigil to that list in the past months. It is truly a cosmopolitan group that is most welcoming of new folks and old faces. We have had brand new players in T1 garb helping out with escalations even.

And it isn't like we are super secret. Most nights you can find us camped out in Golarion Mumble. Many nights, folks who can't sleep find us there and join in on the fun. And that is really what the late night crew is about. Having fun. For almost all of us, if we didnt' play together at nighttime, we wouldn't be playing the game at all. Our settlements have different hours than the ones we are able to play in, either because of location in the world, job schedules, or sleep schedules. Gathering together each night provides us with our own community that isn't attached to a settlement. We trade with each other, make gear for each other, and have become friends.

We also will leave alone monster hexes that are being actively played in by their local groups. The Dominion, the Bandit League, and University Commons all regularly (if not daily) clear out their monster hexes, so our night group stays clear unless invited. But if a monster hex stays unmolested for a week or so, then we figure whomever nominally claims that hex isn't all that interested in it, so we take it down.

Now Gathering of Legends has brought out a competitive streak in all of us and that is only good for the game. I can say our night group hasn't taken down any Gatherings during this Christmas time that a) we weren't invited to do or b) we were the ones who cleared the hex to make it fallow so that the Gathering could pop there. And when we saw that groups were actively working a Gathering, we stayed away until the final evening before Bob was going to pop in and plop down new ones.

The Night Stalkers aren't this secret game cult. We are just fun folks who happen to play at night and don't really have a settlement to play with. Find us in Golarion Mumble or whisper us online if you find yourself in need of a middle of the US night escalation hunt. If there is room in our party, you are most welcome, no matter where your settlement allegiance lies.
So Aussie Dwarf is the Original Master and if we kill him, you will all be cured or slain as well?
lol I joke. smile
Very well said Lisa. The population is too small ATM for all of us Territory Mongers to take care of our own yards. In addition, I am glad that you have something to do at the time of night/day when most of the server is sleeping. Plus you do seem to have some standards.
Six more launched! Take them all down by Thursday, December 29 at 11 PM Pacific and we'll go for seven next time!
Looks like we'll be doing seven Gatherings tomorrow. With those finished off, time to focus on clearing spaces for the next wave. I'll be avoiding the hexes that already had a Gathering launched in them unless I run out of previously-unchosen empty hexes and have to start doing repeats. Odds are pretty good that there will be at least seven empty hexes for me to choose from, so you're best off making sure your desired hexes that weren't chosen yet are cleared out first. For later launches, things could get a bit tighter and there's a good chance I'll have to do some repeats.
Tonight's wave of seven Gatherings has been launched! Take them all down by Sunday, January 1 at 11 AM Pacific and I'll launch eight next time!
Thanks again for doing this in your off hours for us Bob! This has been a great Christmas present!

These 7 should go down fast enough, the 8 you do on Sunday should as well. But 9 will be tough since it is in the middle of the work week.
A new year brings eight new Gatherings! Take them all down by Wednesday, January 4 at 5 PM Pacific and we'll go for nine!

FYI, between the number of occupied hexes I'm finding and the hexes that already got a lucky dice roll, any clear hexes on Wednesday that haven't had a Gathering during these four waves will have extremely good odds of getting one.
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