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Billing without card details

Just a warning to all those subscribed (if there's any left) through credit cards. I suspended my account, removed my credit card details, and yet Goblinworks some days later managed to bill my C/Card again. This despite me having an email from the company advising that my account was suspended sevral days before the billing occured. You'd think after a couple years of dipping into my C/Card without me even playing (I kept the game on the back burner in case it ever amounted to anything), you'd think they'd be greatful instead of stiffing me.

Not sure exactly how many laws have been broken. Be very careful folks.
Credit cards can't be billed after the billing information is removed from an account. Sorry for the confusion here, but as is spelled out on the subscription page, we do bill credit cards five days before the time runs out for accounts on automatic rebilling. That way, if a payment fails to go through (card expired, address changed, any number of issues), there are still a few days left to correct the problem before the account goes inactive.

This means that if you are on automatic rebilling and want to avoid being billed for another month of game time, you need to turn off automatic rebilling and/or remove your billing information before your next scheduled payment, which will show on your subscription page as five days before the day your game time runs out.
Sounds like fake news. I've never had a problem with billing on subscribed or unsubscribed accounts. And as Bob described, billing occurs 5 days prior. That saved my account bacon a year ago when I had a bad to have a new credit card number issued and forgot to update my billing with Goblinworks.
I doubt its fake, just some confusion over how it works. It is somewhat surprising the OP is not selling the account.

If people do want to avoid potential issues with automatic rebilling turn off rebilling and just buy regular 1 month/6 month/1 year packages from the shop link.
That was said with tongue-in-cheek. I'm sure Aileric experienced a very real issue.
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