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Settlement Warfare is on the March

Harad Navar
What is the possibility of adding small things for new players, like Thornguards in the lower level NPC hexes for travel corridors? Even things without graphically correct images, like Starknives (or any weapon) to use key words (like Keen) not supported at the moment?

For this update, possible additions are pretty limited at this point unless something seemed important enough to hold things up.

In terms of future work, adding Thornguards to the world would be relatively easy. A long while back I did make sure there are Thornguards on all the roads into Thornkeep, generally at any intersections and near the entry to each hex. It wouldn't be too hard to add some at shorter intervals or further out if that seemed like the best option for providing some extra protection in those areas.

Adding more weapons could be a little trickier. Re-using art certainly makes things easier under the current circumstances, and putting items in with slightly different keywords (or ordering of keywords)is pretty easy, but I'd need to do some research to figure out what kinds of new feats might be required to make those weapons truly viable.
I agree on new weapons being a good thing eventually - though introducing deity weapons like Desna Starknives and Saranrae scimitars and hence restricting current players even further in their options seem a but counterproductive at the moment. I personally would rather options that expand our choices such as crossbow introduced first.

More thornguards in shield hexes is a good plan, even better if they can be given a watchtower or barracks holding to stand next to rather than just randomly popping up in the wilderness. Longterm it would be good if settlements could pay to upgrade the blue shield thornguards in hexes they use a lot.
All the planned (and some previously unplanned) changes have been made to the build and tested on our internal servers. There are a few additional small changes we're considering making, but they're mostly very small. If we decide they're not worth even a short delay, then we'll try to put the latest build up on Zog early this week. If we decide to roll in those changes, they'll be easy to test quickly and we'll probably still have a build up on Zog later this week.

For some crazy reason, the famous Seattle rains decided to fall to the ground in solid form instead of liquid on Sunday night, and to remain solid for some time afterward. That's going to delay things a few days, but we should be back to our usual liquid precipitation shortly and then be back on track.
We decided to make a few quick changes to the build, including a significant increase to the encumbrance values that more advanced mules can carry. The latest build is doing well on our internal servers and we hope to have it up on Zog early next week.
Improved mules will be a real bonus.
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