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Thorgrim Foegrinder and Thimble Fiddlewinks

Thorgrim Foegrinder
I've been pressured enough by my wife to sell my main, and final, account. The account has been sold. Thank you to everyone who has made my experience in PFO such a great one. This is one of the best communities I've ever been a part of.

I'll still be very much active in the TSV community, so you can always catch me there (or even join it - it's a gaming community beyond just PFO, after all). I'll most likely be on the AL mumble a decent amount as well.

The Storehouse: The plan is to keep this running. Donations will always help, I've already received a little over half of what I need to run it another year (February 2017 to February 201smile, including server costs. Regardless, I'll run it for at least that period of time. If the game takes off, which I really hope it does, I will try my best to continue development.

I'll ask that the new owner keep my posts up, I'd like to think that I contributed to this community in several ways including on the forum, but ultimately it's up to them.

May Gorum guide all of your blades!
[Sylva] is the premier Nature based settlement in Pathfinder Online. We're a family that has come together through the game, and we're one of the most active settlements currently. We have a solid roleplaying foundation and are a home to those who both love and hate PvP.

[The Seventh Veil] is a meta-game group with members in several different settlements. We've created many guides and spreadsheets for the game that are referenced by hundreds of players on a daily basis and we maintain multiple websites like [], [The Storehouse], and [The Unofficial PFO Atlas] to make information more readily available. The Seventh Veil promotes positive game play at all times.
Sorry to see you go Thorgrim!
Uhg! Best of luck Thorgrim.
Commander Nefarious Robert Haagen-Takasi Grand Lich Ruler of Tre Rotterguard Deserters
Sold behind closed doors but best to you and yours.
WxCougar of KOTC
Sorry to see you go. But best of luck!
Keeper's Pass (NG) - Respecting life, protecting freedom, united against tyranny. We are a Crafting Settlement with friendly people and welcome many play styles including casual and Role playing. For more information check our Traveler's Guide to Keeper's Pass at If you wish to join with us in Keeper's Pass come visit us at our website at
You will be missed Thorgrim.
"Circles of power, gathered by EARTH, welcomed by GOLD, in strife and in mirth. Focused by CRYSTAL, guided by LIGHT, showing the way, by day and by night. wrought in IRON, strengthened by STEEL, together we stand, in wrack and in weal. Hidden in SHADOW, explored by WOOD, we circle together, for the greater good." –Maxikyd–
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