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Wardens Outpost

Bob with the work being done on the Siege Engines and Camps recipes , has the missing Wardens Outpost had any work done on it or is it just not going to make it in anytime in the near future. Those of us with Forest hexes could benefit with that Outpost in the game.

Just wanted to put it out there cause I had not seen any information on its status.

Leader of Marsh Wardens and Steward of Hammerfall
I have to agree, any updates on the missing outpost and holdings?
I've been trying to stay pretty focused on just what's needed for the settlement warfare additions, but I did take a quick look at those to see how much work remained. Each missing outpost/holding has some different incomplete parts, and there's a little too much work involved to tackle them quickly, but at least the experience of putting in the Siege Engines and Camps means I know what all those parts are and how to fix them, making it more likely we could tackle them in a later update.
Thanks for the update Bob, I appreciate you taking the time to take a look. Looking forward to getting the Missing Holdings and Outposts into the Game.
Leader of Marsh Wardens and Steward of Hammerfall
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