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New player here

Hey everyone,

I'm a KS backer who just recently decided to activate my account, so I've got over a year's worth of time (nice smile ). I've read a bunch of the material and updates so I'm aware of the current place the game is in. I have experience with a few other mmos, but I haven't had time to play anything really in the last year. Is there anyone recruiting? I rolled the pretty typical rogue/light melee DPS type but also have plans to roll a cleric of some sorts.

Also have roleplaying experience in a variety of settings if that helps. Including Golarion settings.

I won't have tons of time on my hands until after mid April, because of classes, but this summer I won't be anywhere near as busy.
Hi Indigo Keepers pass are always open to new people. We have lots of helpful people to get you started.
One major positive of PFO. Is there isn't roles that you lock your self into. If you want to do leather rogue stuff for armor and cleric domain for you feature. It's your call.. or you could reverse it do cleric healer armor.. and then concentrate in rogue weapons..

The versatility of the system is one of the best parts of the game right now.
As to settlement choice.. best advice I can give is find one that is active during your prime play times.
Decide if you want a good focused organization. Or would you be interested in being a bandit.. or at least okay with playing with them.
Greetings Indigo!

Welcome to the game, I hope you have a good time and decide to join us for a while.

There are many good tools online (like the Goblinary), and I strongly suggest you get TeamSpeak and/or Mumble voice coms if possible, as it makes for a better play experience.

I am the leader of the Dwarven settlement of Forgeholm, and you can read more about the alliance of northern settlements of The Dominion of the Free Marches here. smile
First Elder Durin Steelforge; Leader of Forgeholm; Founder of Steelforge Engineering Company

PM Giorgo on Paizo Forums
PM Admin George on Commonwealth of the Free Highlands
Nice thank you for the information guys! I'm located in Toronto, Canada so I'll probably be looking for people playing in the Americas.
My only issue with Mumble/teamspeak right now is that my microphone/headset is busted, I'll make a note to pick up a new one when I have time.
As for other playstyles, I'm probably looking for an organisation that seems sort of well-rounded, or not super specialized, but I'm also adaptable. I know there isn't that many settlements currently active so I probably can't afford to be choosy.
There's lots of groups looking for more people. You can train and live out of Thornkeep for quite a while before you need settlement training.

What kind of characters do you expect to play with?
Paddy Fitzpatrick
My personal advice regarding who you want to join is get a feel for the game, meet some folks in mumble and find out what kind of path you want to forge for yourself. Then go and find the group that beat aligns with your goals and aspirations or at least one that will be most willing to help you pursue them. Meeting folks is probably the most important part as in a game like this it is not just what you play but who you play with that makes the difference.

For example, the alliance I am a part of, the Kalthapas Coalition, is a group of freedom loving (also bandit tolerant) settlements right in the middle of the map (Aragon, Mediash, Dun Baile, and Corbenik). We tend to be in the Golarion Mumble a lot with some of these other fine folks here. Regardless of what path you take or who you join with we certainly would be more than happy to answer any questions as best we can.
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Member of Aragon Alliance and home of bandits, privateers, and anyone looking to get away from the shackles of law.
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