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PathHelpers: pfoPlan [Character Planning]

I have authored a free app to help with character planning.

You can download the installer here:

Installation Note: I'm just some guy. I have no money for this. As a result, Windows will probably complain about my installer, and tell you it is unsafe. If you get the SmartScreen error, you can click "More Info" to go ahead and install. I hope you'll do this, because I think this is useful software. There's nothing I can do to make this error go away.

If you would like to say thanks to me financially for this, please go make a donation in my name to:
Drakis [Arrodima] [Default Speaker] [PvE Soldier, Empyrean Legion ]
Nijah [Arrodima] [Leader, The Argent Defenders, PvE]
Jinh [Arrodima] [Leader, The Concordian Council]
First: A note on closing. The app starts as a window. Hitting ESC will collapse it down to a draggable button. Clicking the button will open the window. Hitting ESC again while collapsed will exit the tool. All your data is saved on exit. It is saved in %appdata%\PathHelpers\pfoPlanData.xml. If you accidentally maximize it, you kind of get stuck there. To get out of this, hold down the "windows" key and press the down arrow.

Basic Walkthrough

1: Make a character on the opening screen

2: Go to the "add" tab, pick some feats. It will feel like adding feats didn't do anything, but it did. It will get better over time. There is a "search" field at the top, hover over the "?" on the right to see how to use it.

3: Go to the "general" tab. The feats you picked, and all pre-requisite feats, should be there. Drag-and-drop to order the list. Use the left/right arrow buttons to choose how high to take each feat.

4: Go to the "specific" tab. Click "Reset" and then "Optimize". Do any detailed sorting of your plan here. Drag-and-drop works. You can also "target" a feat. Clicking "satisfy" on another feat will move it to right before the targeted feat in the plan.

5: Go to the "current" tab. Give yourself a ton of XP for "learning" the feats your character already knows.

6: Go back to the "specific" tab and learn the feats you already know.

7: Go to the "current" tab and enter your stats from in-game, in case you don't feel like entering all your feats. You can always click "Calculate" to have pfoPlan re-calculate your abilities from scratch. After you get it all setup, enter your current XP.

* XP increments just like in-game does. Later there will be a "training" toggle.

User's Manual

Character Creation
This is the first view you see when you run the application. It is not labelled, but is pretty self explanatory. You can create characters, pick characters, and delete characters. You can click your character name in the upper right at any time to return to this screen. You can't rename characters.

This section shows information on your current character. You can enter your current XP at any time. XP in pfoPlan, once entered, counts up at the same rate it does in-game.

ability scores
If you successfully enter all your current feats, your ability scores should be right. But sometimes things get off. You can manually enter your current abilities from in-game here. This shouldn't need to be done very often. Learning feats automatically updates your abilities.

This will throw away your ability scores and recalculate them based on the feats listed in the "Known" section.

This is the last tab, but the first one you will probably use. It lets you browse through all the feats in the game, and add some to your current plan for the current character. There is a search box at the top that you can use to filter and sort this list. If you hover over the '?' on the right, you will see some examples on how to do this.

Displays the high-level plan for your character. After adding feats, this is the first place to go. Drag-and-drop to order this list by how important the feats are to your character. Don't worry about what the feats need, pfoPlan will handle that for you.

Where the real magic happens. It is the detailed, ordered list of the plan for your character. You can drag-and-drop to re-order the list. Whenever you do this, you will instantly see if there are any problems.

This will throw away the current plan and re-build the plan from scratch from the order you setup in the general section.

This will try to re-arrange the plan automatically based on pre-requisites and the plan. It is the "I don't want to think about this too much" way to use pfoPlan. It can also be a good starting point.

You can "target" a feat if you hover over it and click "Target". The thought here is that you target a feat that has problems. When you do that, you will see a list of feats below that one that solve the errors. Clicking "Satisfy Target" will move that feat to before the targeted feat in the plan and re-evaluate everything. Once you solve all the errors, you automatically go back to viewing the entire plan. Or you can click "Clear Target" to go back to the main plan at any time. The suggested list is sorted by XP efficiency.

Learn Feat
There is a '+' button on the left if you hover over a feat. Clicking this will learn the feat, add it to your list of known feats in the 'current' section, apply the ability bonuses to your character, and spend the XP.
Drakis [Arrodima] [Default Speaker] [PvE Soldier, Empyrean Legion ]
Nijah [Arrodima] [Leader, The Argent Defenders, PvE]
Jinh [Arrodima] [Leader, The Concordian Council]
Known Bugs:
* Power 1-4 give no bonus to abilities - this breaks optimization
As a work-around, just learn these feats
Resolved Bugs:
* Error when installing .NET 4.6 "Asia" on Windows 7
-… This was caused by the Windows 7 system not being fully patched - run Microsoft Update
* Hang on startup in the Germany Region []
Drakis [Arrodima] [Default Speaker] [PvE Soldier, Empyrean Legion ]
Nijah [Arrodima] [Leader, The Argent Defenders, PvE]
Jinh [Arrodima] [Leader, The Concordian Council]
Drakis [Arrodima] [Default Speaker] [PvE Soldier, Empyrean Legion ]
Nijah [Arrodima] [Leader, The Argent Defenders, PvE]
Jinh [Arrodima] [Leader, The Concordian Council]
There is a legacy version of this thread at:
Drakis [Arrodima] [Default Speaker] [PvE Soldier, Empyrean Legion ]
Nijah [Arrodima] [Leader, The Argent Defenders, PvE]
Jinh [Arrodima] [Leader, The Concordian Council]
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