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Anyone care to share what interesting things that they plan to use the Blacklisting mechanic for?

For Staalgard, I plan to be pretty wide open to encourage some trade and an additional new player friendly area. At least until someone or group gives reason to be more restrictive.

The Dominion as a whole is considering one "Allies(possibly just Dominion) Only" auction house with somewhat below market prices to try and get more into a coin driven economic system.

At first, "Blacklisted" may not mean "Disliked" but more somewhat along the lines of "not yet negotiated or discussed with".

Anyone else care to share?
Duffy Swiftshadow
We'll use it to reflect the League blacklisting policy, with a general erring towards openess otherwise. If training ever gets super diverse might play some games with access.
WxCougar of KOTC
Keeper's Pass plans to be open for trade and so forth.
Keeper's Pass (NG) - Respecting life, protecting freedom, united against tyranny. We are a Crafting Settlement with friendly people and welcome many play styles including casual and Role playing. For more information check our Traveler's Guide to Keeper's Pass at If you wish to join with us in Keeper's Pass come visit us at our website at
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