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Returning Player from the Start

As the title states, I'm coming back into this from when it started a few years ago. My character has xp from when I created them, whatever it's called. I've got about 130k xp to spend, though I need a lot more achievements to actually spend most of it.

I was wondering where, if any place, is active. Or even kinda active. Or at least an auction house that has going-ons. I'm happily playing solo atm, being in Australia and probably going to play irregularly. I'm aware the game isn't built for solo but I'm able to do enough to enjoy it. I'm not against joining a Company, the one I joined at the start is probably dead.

Well that sums it up. Hopefully there has been addition to this game over the last few years.
You are a Troll
There is a fairly active Aussie time contingent that play together - I am sure they will chime in here with info for you.

Welcome back! Lots going on and there is some activity in most of the sectors of the map.
What kind of gameplay are you planning for your character(s)?
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Welcome back! There are several active groups and many play mixed together at various times. You probably know that you won't need a company to progress until level(rank) 8. If you are playing late night because of Australia time-late by my reckoning smile , I would take a look at the settlement of Carpe Noctem and the Nightstalker Company. They are pretty active.
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Keeper's Pass also has a few Australians in our membership. Most of the members of KP also tend to play fairly late US time. But also agree with Bringslite, take a look at Carpe Noctem as they also have a contingent that plays during Australian friendly times.
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To be honest, there is no single group that has more than a couple of players in the Aussie time zone so if stuff is happening it tends to be cross settlement with groups made up of groups from multiple settlements and alliances.

Keepers Pass has a few Aussie Time zone players and we team up with anyone else doing stuff, providing the activity is not infringing on any agreements Keepers has with friends and allies. See the WxCougar post above for a link to our forums.

Settlements with occasional active players in the Aussie Timezone include Keepers Pass, Pathfinder University, Sigil, Ozem's Vigil, Carpe Noctem and occasionally Brighthaven Alliance. Of those, the settlements with nightly active players seem to be Keepers Pass, Carpe Noctem and Ozems and Pathfinder University
At present during my early evening after work (@ 6pm - 9pm Sydney time), the game is fairly quiet, Carpe and the university seem to have the most people on at that time (mix of UK/US night shifters and early risers/Australians - the Europeans that were active in that time slot seem to be less visible at present), still only a few though at this stage of the game. To get a full party of 6 for a tough escalation before 11pm Sydney time Keepers / Carpe Noctem / Dominion / University may all have players taking part.

Then more North Americans start waking up, you see the Bandits, BHA, Phaeros chirping up in chat, we know there are AL people at least checking in but peak activity (as it is) is during Australian night or morning.

One trouble is Keepers / Carpe / Dominion / BHA who usually have one or more people active in the Australian evening all use their own audio comms, so you are not seeing people in Mumble at that time.

With regards auction houses, the university keeps some activity going at Thornkeep, Keepers Pass stock some things, Emerald Lodge has a little activity.
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As everyone else seems to have mentioned, Carpe Noctem would seem to be a good home if you play Aussie evening time. We usually have four to six players on at that time and more at weekends. We are a helpful bunch and will be more than happy to provide any assistance you need. Shout in General chat when you're on and we'll keep an eye out for you.

Nightstalkers is our main company (and is Neutral like our settlement itself) and we also have "Doom!" for the more evil/necromancer-inclined. The town deliberately made a decision NOT to have our own auction house as we are right between Emerald Lodge and Thornkeep which are easily the two busiest Auction Houses in the game and we encourage our crafters to use them.

In keeping with out Neutral stance we have agreements with most of the other towns/alliances in the game to allow us to move and trade widely without hindrance from other players. If this sounds good, get in touch.
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