Bringslite of Staalgard
Heed Bob's advice(paraphrased): If you are stretching to maintain your current number/level of Holdings(AKA near maxed out) then you might be in trouble going over that threshold when the more permanent system is turned back on.

A clear exception to that would be if your company is currently maxed out but has very few inactive characters in it. In those cases, the eventual return of some form of influence limits will let you bank at least as much influence as you do now.

Of course, while max influence is superhigh for everyone (starting with EE 12), it will be kind of hard to tell if you're "maxed out." Best you can really do is avoid pushing too hard to bank tons of influence just because you can, or at least recognize that the gains you get during that time (such as increased bulk resource production) may be temporary.

We do also plan to bring back influence limits at a measured, predictable pace, giving everyone a little time to adjust.