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Coming back to PFO, politically

Jubal von Silberstrom
Greetings River Kingdoms.

I've been away from the game for a while due to real life things (master's school is a pain) but have recently been playing again and having a lot of fun doing escalations with some old allies and having hypothetical thoughts about the future of the game. Long story short, I'm hoping to get to hear from as many of the current leaders of active settlements. My hope is to establish a baseline to see where we stand in terms of settlement relations to each other and I'm guessing, with the exception of those I've already been talking to, that we'll be largely at a neutral stance.

And to be clear, I'm currently the leader of the Grey Guard and Greystone Keep. Greystone Keep as a settlement is currently, and for the foreseeable future, a part of the Aeonian League and has strong relations with Phaeros. I have also worked closely with many members of Keepers Pass and the Brighthaven Alliance.

So if you could respond here or send me a message on the Paizo forums I would love to discuss anything openly or privately in terms of where the relations between Greystone Keep and your settlement stand.

My Paizo forum account:
Characters: Jubal von Silberstrom, Paladin of Iomedae. Realndor Rockhammer, Master Armorsmith.
Company: Grey Guard
Settlement: Greystone Keep
Come check us out at or hang out with us in our Teamspeak, is the address.
Welcome back from the folks up at Keepers Pass. It will be good to see the SW a bit more active again.
You already know my email, but I'll pass your paizo on to BHA leadership.
Greetings Lord Silberstrom,
Staalgard here addressing your request. You can contact me anytime at
"I buy Azoth for 5sp/ea. I will trade Enchanting or other rare materials/anything for Azoth. Contact me if interested. GET YOUR COIN EASY!"
Welcome back Jubal
Doom! Nightstalkers, evil crafters and bandits, Oh my!
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