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Where is download?

Ryan Dancey
Gotta be a DNS problem.
this is wierd… i tried clearing my cache and even uninstalled and reinstalled firefox but i still get the server not found…
Not sure how good I am at troubleshooting .. GW is probably better and Ryan is correct .. seems like a DNS issue (server not found implies that), so,

If you open a command prompt (cmd.exe) and use


you should get some responses …

just for sanity also try


This is just to check that DNS is working for anything .. you can't download from alpha smile

I assume that all other web browsing is working correctly, antivirus doesn't report issues, firewall isn't blocking the site, etc.
yeah the lookup came back with an answer but it could not find the and yes everything is working correctly besides this. is there anything i can do to fix this? i live in South Dakota. if it matters.
Try the following:

Open a command promtp: cmd.exe
Then, instruct nslookup to use Google's public dns: nslookup
If that works, you could manually set your DNS servers on your system to point to Google's public dns …

Also, check if the DNS server you are using is the DNS server of your ISP provider. One way: type: ipconfig /all
at a command prompt, look for the line DNS Servers ……. :

If the DNS servers do not default to your ISP, you need to determine why. .. not saying you have to use them, but non-default settings mean something was changed.
welp still not working but i have given up i am still glad i helped kickstart this game i just wish i could play it… I'll keep trying every once in awhile hopefully i can get a chance to play.
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