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[Official] PFO Nexus (with Public Discord Server)

Duffy Swiftshadow
PFO Nexus will be a site providing a suite of tools for PFO players, eventually including full integration of the Goblinary. The first new tool that will be available in the coming weeks is a searchable Alliance, Settlement, and Company database. Look for announcements regarding new releases in this thread!

To facilitate feedback and to provide a dedicated space for new players to ask questions outside of the game and forums I've opened up the PFO Nexus discord to the public, it can be joined by clicking here.

We've also added hangout channels if you just want to stop by and chat with fellow PFO players!
Very Cool!
+1 smile
First Elder Durin Steelforge; Leader of Forgeholm; Founder of Steelforge Engineering Company

PM Giorgo on Paizo Forums
PM Admin George on Commonwealth of the Free Highlands
Sounds promising
Doom! Nightstalkers, evil crafters and bandits, Oh my!
Duffy Swiftshadow
Since mostly known players have shown up so far I added a general hangout channel for those that just wish to chat with other PFO players in a more general sense.
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