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Mage Tanks

You are a Troll
It seems like there is something wrong with the Devourer's Caress Diminishing Wand attack - there is no cool-down and it allows a Mage (by first using Chill Touch) to tank just about any single mob with very little chance of dying. Maybe 7% is too high for the healing? Maybe it needs a 3 second cooldown?
Duffy Swiftshadow
I think one of the theories is that Ammo will severely reduce this ability in addition to it's susceptibility to interrupt/stuns and short debuff timers on stronger targets. However it does seem to make things of similar power level too easy to solo, at least 1v1 or in small groups. It can be countered in PvP but probably too strong in PvE at the moment.

I also find it odd that actual healing orisons from clerics are significantly weaker than this wizard combo.
It can't be I interrupted, and doesn't give the wizard opportunity, making it harder to cc them. Definitely really strong even in PvP.
Ammo would certainly help, but it's also possible that we're just undervaluing Cure, or that at 7% Cure becomes so advantageous that it breaks our model, or that it just needs some other disadvantage like those listed above to put it back where it belongs. I'll file a bug to take a closer look when I have a chance.
Duffy Swiftshadow
It's the 1s spamming that's the issue really (I think I can interrupt that on my Rogue but I'd have to test), if it was more like Minor Cure for Clerics with a noticeable cool-down it would be a nice little perk to rotate in, not a defining combo like it is today.
Any attack 1.2s or faster doesn't have an interrupt window, Duffy, so caress is not interruptible. Even a slightly slower attack, while technically interruptible, is very difficult to do so within the short window. Caress also applies exhausted, a tremendously powerful debuff. Since they don't get opportunity while casting it, wizards can charge into melee range of fighters and clerics running master of opportunity: stumble and not worry about the cc.
Duffy Swiftshadow
Interesting, I apparently have incorrect assumptions about how interrupts work.
It's melee range, the other person can just back up to force opportunity.
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For the record, I completely agree that Devourer's Caress is ridiculously over-powered.
Nihimon murmurs in sheer ecstasy as the magic courses through his veins
For the record, I completely agree that Devourer's Caress is ridiculously over-powered.

Often feel that way while i tank a few higher end mobs while the guy in heavy or medium armor has to turn and run..

Reducing the heal to like 5% would be interesting .. adding a cool down of like 3 seconds would also make the combo less than ideal and leave me searching for something else -

Yet i do love the tap healing idea ( necromancer.. i feel it should have a place), just not the no brainer it is right now….
Perhaps adding better tanking abilities to tanks would make it feel less wonky, just something to consider – i mean the healer cleric armor and the regeneration feels almost too good to pick any other cleric option as well..
To the clerics out there - does anyone use anything other than healer ? - do any other wand using wizards use any other attack set up as primary?

I recall opportunity suffer change a while back - when they wanted to know if something is just that much better than any other option, those 2 things come to mind -
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