Settlement leaders can maintain a blacklist of players (technically, characters), companies and settlements. That blacklist can then be used for setting permissions on who can or cannot use the various facilities in that settlement.

To check to see if you are on any blacklists, use the command /BlacklistCheck. It will tell you which settlements, if any, have you on their blacklist.

To create and edit a blacklist, settlement leaders can use the interface available on the Allies sub-tab from the Alliances tab on their Company Window. Clicking Show Blacklist will bring up the player, company and settlement blacklists. Entries can be added to each list by clicking on Add, then typing in a name and selecting which list to add the entry to. Entries can be deleted by clicking on the X next to each entry.

Alternatively, blacklists can be created, edited and viewed using the following chat commands:

/BlacklistAddPlayer <character name>
/BlacklistAddCompany <company name>
/BlacklistAddSettlement <settlement name>
/BlacklistRemovePlayer <character name>
/BlacklistemoveCompany <company name>
/BlacklistemoveSettlement <settlement name>