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Do You Ever...

New Guy
Edit to OP: No offense was meant by "Hello Drones" I changed it up to "Hello Fellow Drones"

I just go to games that don't drive me crazy.

I can slaughter hundreds of trash mobs in D3 or find consensual PvP in ESO.

My time in PFO is primarily to relax and gather. In fact gathering is part of my evening routine to help me relax and fall asleep easier.
Not bad advice. Would anyone be willing to share what a loner can sell coal, iron ore, loadstone, err… some other precious T3 metals that I find in my storage by mysterious providence?
I try to keep constant buy orders on callambea auction house.

Currently coal is highest at 25..* has been listed at 50 before
Think iron and load stone us 17 and close to that

Normally I do 1000.. and will refresh the guys if it ever runs out..

Had some up for t3.. but no one ad me any.. probably cause I don't know what they are worth… I don't use much t3 metal personally.. get what I need for the fee things I make as salvage in escalation…
But if you put it on our auction house I'll take a look and scoop it up if it looks like good deal
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