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Just gonna put this here

New Guy
Does this mean that Paizo will be getting some royalties that they can funnel into PFO?
It might work for them.

Personally it is not my cup of tea - I dislike that graphic style and really dislike the narrow restricted linear pathing and questionable over-simplistic moral dilemmas of quested games.

But that is just me, many many people love that sort of thing, to be honest though quested games are the fast food of the gaming world, quick easy entertainment served up with fries on the side.
I really liked the original BG games and Icewind Dale, though at some point boredom and repetition set in even with those early gems of that genre. I do not think I have ever finished any single player RPG after that, even though I have pretty much bought them all. I like the graphics, the worlds, the combat but indeed the linearity of it all where quests quickly become chores along the narrow path that Edam describes is what kills it for me at some point (very early point in these days).

Some people may say that BG had better, more involved quests but I think stuff was just new then. We were easily awed. But the combat can still be pretty entertaining.
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This is the character that I am playing almost 100% of the time. (Tyncale is my Sage/Mage)
You are a Troll
"Go for the eyes Boo, go for the eyes!"
That top down view is making a comeback, because it is mobile friendly. Albion Online has that viewpoint, and already has a working beta for tablets (though tablets aren't going to be officially supported, yet, at release next month).
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As someone who grew up playing the AD&D Gold Box games, I've always enjoyed these types of single player, linear games. Baulder's Gate and Icewind Dale were also great games. I'll probably buy and enjoy playing this new title too, because Pathfinder Kingmaker. But for me, nothing beats the real-time randomness of a sandbox and connection to a live community that PfO offers.
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