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Before the Tens of Thousands.

This is a small list of features that I think must have been implemented before Lisa and Co decide that it is time for the Tens of Thousands to give this game a go. None of these are core mechanics or even "quality of life" features: I consider the things on the list to be absolutely crucial so that we are not going to be ridiculed by the ToT.

  • The ability to log off your character and go to the Characterscreen instead of downright quitting the game;
  • The ability to scroll with your mousewheel in *every* window;
  • Line of Sight needs to be enabled; no more shooting through buildings;
  • Falling Damage;
  • Footstep sounds;
  • Water in the Rivers
  • / opens chat

The lack of the above is forgivable in a tech-demo: but even a pre-alpha should have that stuff. I have restrained myself from extending the list too much, since you easily get into the territory of Graphics, animations, beautifying the game, more PvE options, Balance, more diversity in Flora and Fauna, all the way to entire Features that we all would like to see. So this.

Feel free to add more (lack of) features that are forgivable in a tech demo, but not in an (pre) alpha.

Let me say that I am very exited about the stuff that is actually being developed and implemented: quit amazing how much work is being done. The game is getting more depth with every EE-version, that is why the things on the above list start to stick out more and more like a sore thumb.

NB: I do think that one important thing will still be left, for the ToT to ridicule this game, and that is the very monotonous landscaping.

The one thing that sticks out is the use of the same trees and shrubbery *everywhere*. This makes all the geographic regions look the same. I was especially disappointed when I visited a Wetland Hex for the first time. Pulling down a few coordinates to create some puddles does not a Swamp make. We *will* be ridiculed if not at least some more variety is added in this regard.
Regalo Harnoncourt, Leader of the River Kingdoms Trading Company, High Council of Callambea.
This is the character that I am playing almost 100% of the time. (Tyncale is my Sage/Mage)
Hobson Fiffledown
Before the Tens.

If "/" (or whatever) could open the current chat line, it would make the chat system much more bearable. Having "SHIFT+/" to exit the chat line would be nice in that case. Yeah, that would make current emotes and commands require // to begin. Or, something different with /c "text", /p "text", /g "text" commands would be great.

Maybe there's a chat system rework in the EE16 list?

EDIT: Enter does toggle between the chat box and the main game control, but that makes it too easy to make chat misstells.
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I know that it is a really big one but along with some variety of scenery, I have a feeling that lack of water will be a pretty serious deal as far as criticism issues go. Something GW can't help but out there, in the marketplace, MMO players have little heart.

P.S I really like Tyncale's short list. I believe that line of sight is on the Roadmap as a filler if things go faster than planned.
Whelp! I forgot about the water. It maybe a tough feature to implement but the backlash that these empty riverbeds will give will be tremendous. Ridicule all over.

Hobson, why would current emotes have to use // then? I agree that / should also (next to simple Enter) open the chat window, so that you can immediately start typing your command behind the /. Just like GW2 and many other MMO's.

I think it is a quality of life issue, and I am sure many ToTs will mention it. But I do not think the lack of that particular chat-functionality deserves ridicule. Yet. smile

No water in the rivers definately does. Trying to keep the list short (and off course it is subjectively my list).

Some of you may think: "yeah, but footsteps??"
Sounds, environmental sounds and music or rather the lack thereof in PFO is a really lacking feature so far: but to me this becomes painfully clear when walking in what is still supposed to be an immersive RPG. I find the Silence of the Feet a glaring issue that screams "Techdemo and very early WIP"

EDIT: I added the / functionality. It can't be that hard to implement and it certainly sais "We understand what MMO-ers want".
Regalo Harnoncourt, Leader of the River Kingdoms Trading Company, High Council of Callambea.
This is the character that I am playing almost 100% of the time. (Tyncale is my Sage/Mage)
Hobson Fiffledown
I was just going for the simplest change I could think of with the current chat box. Making / open the chat box and start commands might require a lot more clean up work. Say I want to chat "wave at me if you see me". If I type "/wave at me…" it creates too many problems to be a simple change. Is that a chat or a command error?

If you are already in the chat box, everything would function as it does now. The / would only send you to the chat line from other fields. The // for commands would come from the first one sending you to the chat line and the second starting the command like normal in the text field. (click on target, //salute)
EDIT: (click on target, /[pause]/salute) if you prefer.
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I had the impression the no-falling-damage situation was working as expected rather than a missing feature.
Duffy Swiftshadow
Falling damage was planned addition, its kind of a huge advantage.
For a PvP game you usually want falling damage so that terrain has an actual combat effect in both directions. Getting ON the mountain, and getting OFF the mountain should BOTH require going through chokepoints.

He who wrestles with us strengthens our nerves and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper.
-Edmund Burke
I am not opposed to falling damage just thought it was not planned. Turns out i was wrong a quick google found this 2015 quote from Stephen:

Stephen Cheney
Falling damage is planned. It's just not a particularly high priority, so I wouldn't expect it soon. It will become more important when we have more vertical strategic elements than just the cliffs (e.g., settlement walls). I'd like to get effects that mitigate it at the same time as part of developing the tech, but can't promise that will happen.
I had the impression the no-falling-damage situation was working as expected rather than a missing feature.

No, we do still intend to add it in eventually, it's just not on the roadmap at the moment.
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