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Before the Tens of Thousands.

We've looked into various staffing (or staffing-light) options and unfortunately we're just not in a position to be able to either afford or take advantage of any of them right now. We can definitely continue to provide accessible data (such as the public spreadsheets) and other information/advice so that players themselves can make great tools and resources like The Goblinary and Pfo Map for personal and shared use, but for the game (and related official services), it's pretty much Cole and/or me (with some occasional greatly-appreciated assistance from other Paizo folk) until something changes and we do find ourselves able to staff up in some manner.
Alright, I will yield the field… Again. smile

Unpaid Internships are not uncommon but I do admit I know little of local laws that might affect Paizo and GW. Hopefully they can get to a state that some of the easiest and less intensive stuff CAN BE HANDLED by other than the two poor overworked guys.

@ Duffy,
I read you. I wasn't suggesting that very complicated stuff be handled by Interns. Just whatever doesn't take advanced skill or deep relevant, to a specific project code's guts, experience. I wouldn't take on Interns and expect them to do the heavy lifting. That wouldn't be wise.
I'll throw my $0.02 in on the intern issue. As a 20 year HR professional and the director of HR for a mid-size company, I can tell you the US Department of Labor has made it nearly impossible to maintain unpaid internship programs. There is a 6 criteria test that must be applied and failing any one of those criteria precludes the internship program from being unpaid. One of the criteria states that "The employer that provides the training derives no immediate advantage from the activities of the intern; and on occasion its operations may actually be impeded." While part of 2 happens daily with non-interns, part 1 would be an immediate failure since the intern work-product would be to the immediate benefit of Paizo.

So, the only option then is to pay at least the Federal, state, or in this case, local minimum wage, plus benefits due for that employment status. And I seriously caution against "volunteer" work. All it takes is one person filing with the Wage and Hour Division that they were not compensated for some work-product and suddenly you have a class-action lawsuit.

Definitely not trying to dismiss your ideas BL. I like out of the box thinking and would love to see additional resources for development, but sadly I don't think there are any good options in the no-cost labor arena.
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As someone who came up in a profession that frequently abuses the "unpaid internship" under the guise of providing academic benefits and training for professional exams, I'd rather they do what they can for now and wait until they can pay additional staff to expand. Nothing at this point will radically and swiftly change the fate of the game if a horde of under-skilled, unpaid interns is let loose on it.
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Very well Guys. I'll curb my enthusiasm on that front. smile
Unpaid internships have increased "employer" risks due to labor friendly interpretations of the law.

Though, the new American regime's anti-labor bias wants all of us as unpaid interns, for the favored class… the intern creators. smile
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Looks like there are more drawbacks to having interns currently then advantages. But definately a good thing to bring up. My son is in his first year of Informatics at the University, and though he is learning stuff in a fast pace, I can see how much guidance he would require in a professional team. smile

Bob, I wanted to ask something about using more assets in the game, like Plants, Flowers and Trees. Are you committed to only create and use true-to-Pathfinder assets for structures, Flora and Fauna? Or would it be possible to use more off-the-shelf Unity assets for Flora, for instance?

I understand that you only want true Pathfinder creatures in the game, like the great looking Goblins. I also believe that the structures we see have been created according to Pathfinder standards, though I have to say I see a lot of similarities in overall look when comparing to the structures in Shroud of the Avatar, another Unity game. Must be the coloring or texturing mostly.

Are you guys restricted for Flora in this regard too? I ask this because I think the world could greatly benefit by adding much more diversity and color! to the different regions in the world. Or would using standard Unity Flora Assets be too expensive anyway at the moment? Would they need a lot of expensive adaptation before they could be used in the world? I read something on the Shroud of the Avatar forums, how much work there still was involved in preparing an off-the-shelf Statue of a Horse (created by someone else) for use in that game.

Is this the same for a simple Cherry tree? Or for instance rows of Lettuce in one of the Cropland hexes?
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I can't remember the name of the software that Goblinworks used to generate most of the landscape but I am wondering: If they were to regenerate the base-world with more assets in the pipeline (swampy bushes for swamps, some pine trees, flower stuff, etc) would you need to re-apply all the little environment tweaks on top of the generated landscape or is that tweak information readily available to the generator?

While I think that even minimal "biom" updates would really add some much needed *pop* to the bland landscape, there is a good chance that achieving that at this point would be a considerable undertaking.
Biome, I was looking for that word, thank you. smile About the effort involved, I have seen youtubes where I see a guy "prettying up" a Unity landscape in real time, before my very eyes, in minutes. We may have to take that with a grain of salt though.

I agree that the sheer amount of Hexes is a problem. smile Still, buy 7 types of Crops from the Unity shelf, let us say Lettuce, Corn, Wheat, Strawberries, Melons, Zuccini, Sunflowers, then plop these down on 80 Cropland hexes in a somewhat believable fashion.

Do you have to place these one at a time? Can you "paint" a surface with these, like I have seen people paint entire Mountain ranges in youtubes? Would this bog down framerate? Can the engine handle this? I am curious about all these things.

I am pretty sure the roads in PFO are also painted on, looking at the rather silly way they sometimes follow the landscape. So this stuff is possible in Unity. I agree that "tidying up" all the odd bits is a huge amount of work, but that can be done later.
Regalo Harnoncourt, Leader of the River Kingdoms Trading Company, High Council of Callambea.
This is the character that I am playing almost 100% of the time. (Tyncale is my Sage/Mage)
The volunteer thing even applies to manning the Pathfinder Booth at GenCon. I volunteered a couple of years ago and got a free badge for the event from Paizo. I asked about it for this years event and Lisa said that it isn't allowed. So, I bought my own pass and I am going to just hang out in the booth…….lol

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