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Future, future request: Hoods on armor

As the subject suggests, I know this is not part of the current roadmap, but I want to make the recommendation anyway. For armors that have a hood, I would like to see a "hood up"/"hood down" feature.
Filed a feature request for our backlog. It certainly makes sense and would be a nice capability, but there are a lot of priorities in front of it.
You could always have permanently hooded and unhooded versions of each armor.

Note that some armors seem to have a hood or no hood depending on race.
Stilachio Thrax
What are the possibilities of getting cosmetic slots? I'll be honest, I hate the look of backpacks on my characters, but keywords dictate I need one. A cosmetic slot would allow me to put a cloak there and be much happier smile
Virtus et Honor

Steward of Ozem's Vigil, Lord Commander of the Argyraspides Iomedais
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