Paddy Fitzpatrick
Also, Dun Baile is a level 10 settlement but was not "dead" until the support mechanics forced me to move to Aragon. It is still alive for the purposes of not getting an official dead settlement but this game design snuffed out both Dun Baile and Mediash from the picture. We worked hard to capture those and in the case of Mediash we had staunce resistance to this.

So this is our reward for all that effort? To have all those gains and improvements we made to our own faction turned into a complete waste of time?

The design does pretty well make the biggest mechanical reward for settlement ownership be the potential support that settlement can offer to its members. In many ways, the most efficient way for the community to play the game would be for everyone to join one alliance with two settlements offering the full range of training at settlement level 20, which would obviously undo our goal of having some occasional PvP between settlements (though it would help with our goal of having players find each other in the world). Right now, the main mechanism operating against that is just the natural tendency for individuals/groups to want to control their own destinies, which does mean that your main reward for taking a settlement is the freedom to do with it what you can, and we are moving toward requiring more effort to do much with a settlement. Eventually, I'd like to look into some kind of longer-term mechanical reward that directly incentivizes owning settlements, something to provide at least some reward for PvP-oriented players to fight over smaller settlements even if they're mostly just changing hands repeatedly, but we'd have to be pretty careful adding something like that.