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20/20 Character

I just made my first dual level 20 toon. He is level 20 artificer and level 20 spellcraft.

Anyone else have something at 20/20?
Congrats Nails! Wow!
"I buy Azoth for 5sp/ea. I will trade Enchanting or other rare materials/anything for Azoth. Contact me if interested. GET YOUR COIN EASY!"

I am months away from anything like that.
Nice! Congrats!
Congrats - nowhere near for me, almost exactly a year away from the equivalent with my cleric on my current build plan (way too many other shiny things to spend XP on) and my gatherer wont for 2 years.
Mercenary monster hunter from Forgeholm
War priest of Angradd… patiently waiting on Goblinworks to deliver him (and greataxes, Dwarves need 2 handed axes).
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