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Can PFO prevent DDOS attacks?

I'm playing a new game which wound up being wildly successful in attracting way more players than they anticipated.

So there was some strain on their server, to say the least.

Now, they are undergoing DDOS attacks and are inaccessible most of the day.

Before the tens of thousands show up, I'd suggest at least having a plan to fight DDOS attacks. I know that a good defense may not be in your budget, yet, but it would probably be smart to have an immediately actionable plan, should enough subscription money fall into your coffers. I can only imagine how frustrating it would be to have a game exceed your expectations in successful marketing only to have some pimply-faced teenager in Croatia bring it all to a grinding halt with his botnet.
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Stilachio Thrax
Those types of attacks are very hard to prevent. One of the games I regularly play, run by and published by an international company, is occasionally hit by a DDOS attack instigated by a disgruntled former player. It is potent enough to take offline every game they run. While they have some hardware solutions to try to minimize the impact once it starts, they often have to get Level 3 and other internet backbone providers to help squelch it. If that can happen to a well-funded game of a large game publisher, may God have mercy on GW if someone who really wanted to nuke us decided to do it.
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Yes, this is something we've made some preparations for, and that we'll continue to keep an eye on.
Here's some very, very old posts that mention some preparation against DDoS attacks:
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Server IP?

But as Thrax said, the truth is that if someone wants to nuke the servers, they can do it.
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