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Hello everyone! I'm trying to complete the initial Rogue quest, but cannot find any bandits to kill in the hexes it says to go to. Plenty of Goblin's and Mercenaries, but not a single Bandit. Any suggestions? Thanks!
You are a Troll
Can find bandits in just about any forest or plains hex. Maybe run east toward University Commons from Thornekeep? - you are bound to hit some sooner rather than later.
Keep looking in that hex. I know that it seems it's low on banditos and large on goblins but they are there. Especially in the east and south of the hex.
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The rogue tutorial should only be recommending 1 hex for killing bandits in, or possibly 2 if I forgot to remove 1 in the last update (1 of the original 2 recommended hexes has tougher bandits in it now and isn't appropriate for the tutorial). Either way, the recommended hexes should still have bandits in them, and no mercenaries.

If you've got multiple tutorials/quests running at the same time, then it can sometimes be a little confusing which hexes are marked for which one. You can hover over the hex markings on either the map or the mini-map to see which tutorial/quest the icon is referring to, or you can click on the little plus sign in a circle next to the instructions for the current stage of your tutorial/quest (in this case, where it says "Kill X Bandits" ) to light up that specific hex (or set of hexes).
Now that I'm back from GenCon, I double-checked the Rogue Tutorial and it only recommends hex 1,1 for killing bandits. Thornkeep takes up 3 hexes (the ones with the yellow 5-pointed stars), and hex 1,1 is right below the eastern Thornkeep hex. If you're seeing other hexes recommended, they're most likely coming from other accepted quests.

Hex 1,1 has mostly bandits in it, with just a few goblins mixed in. There shouldn't be anything else in the hex, though along the edges you might run into other creatures that are technically in the neighboring hexes. It's also possible that if lots of people are killing the bandits and ignoring the goblins, the hex could eventually wind up with nothing but goblins in it. In that case, killing some goblins should fairly quickly bring the balance back to bandits.
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