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Discord Server

Paizo Jim
Greetings, all!

We've set up a Discord server for everyone to use. We'll soon update the launcher and the in-game welcome message to drive everyone here.

Invite Link: Pathfinder Online Discord

When you click the link, it will take you to the web version of Discord. I recommend downloading the Discord app for a better experience.

PC Users: You'll need to run Discord as an Admin to be able to use push-to-talk voice chat from within Pathfinder Online. It's really easy to do when you launch Discord (just right-click and select Run as Administrator).

If you want to change Discord to always run as Administrator, here's a quick video that shows how to do that under Windows 10:

Be safe out there, Pathfinders!
Hi Jim,
I'm not real familiar with Discord. Can you give me an idea of some of the things possible with it? Will I be able to PM any other player with it? Will I be able to create "invite only" sub-rooms for sensitive discussions either with my own alliance or anyone I choose? Is it possible to create channels just for parties in escalations, etc… Are there limits to capability in numbers of more specific rooms?

Looks like a pretty neat setup, so what will happen to the mumble server and what are some things we can't do with it?
Duffy Swiftshadow
I can answer some of those:

Assuming the server privacy settings don't have it turned off, you can PM anyone that is a member of the same server (if one of you leaves the server you can no longer PM each other) or anyone that accepts a friend request from you; if the latter you don't need to share a server to continue PMing each other.

While the permissions are fairly flexible there is no concept of sub rooms for chat or voice with Discord, it can somewhat be approximated by setting things up ahead of time with certain restricted permissions and unique roles for each channel's controllers. It can be a bit cumbersome when your trying to share similar but different permissions across multiple groups. On the fly channels are pretty much straight out off the top of my head as they require the highest level channel permission which lets you create/rename/delete all channels on the server.

There is a chance there are some bots out there that can approximate some of these features, but I haven't done an in depth survey of what's available.

There is no limit on members.
Thx, Duffy!
Paizo Jim
I think Duffy nailed those answers pretty effectively. :-)

Sub-rooms are coming to Discord, but I'm not sure when. Rumor has it that they're in testing now and could be coming out in the next couple of months. I'll look for some bots that might be able to better handle room permissions, but I suspect that's all behind the next feature.

"Will I be able to create "invite only" sub-rooms for sensitive discussions either with my own alliance or anyone I choose?"

Not at present, though it is trivial to create your own server in Discord and invite that person via private message. There are Leadership roles that give access to a Diplomacy channel only visible to other leaders. I've also added a public Diplomacy channel. Likewise, we can add Officer chat rooms for settlements and alliances so those teams can meet and discuss in private.

"…so what will happen to the mumble server…"

I don't foresee a change there right now. My expectation is that Discord is easier to set up than Mumble, and we'll have more players jumping onto Discord as we get new players coming into the game.
Annnnnd Thank you to, Jim!
Keepers uses Discord.

If you have trouble with Push-To-Talk not working in Discord when Pathfinder has focus try restarting Discord with "Run as Administrator".
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