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EE 14 Deployed to Zog

::cracks whip:: CRAFT FASTER!!!

smile Thanks Bob!
A new version of EE 14 was just deployed to the test server. For this build, attack feats and ammo have been rebalanced so that attacks using any level of crafted ammo are generally a bit more effective than those attacks would have been in EE 13. That may vary a bit from feat to feat, since there was a lot of rebalancing done for other reasons, and sometimes those changes may balance each other out to different degrees.

This build is a Final Candidate for EE 14. If we're satisfied that it's ready to go after testing it out today and tomorrow, it will be deployed to the live servers on Thursday, November 9 during Daily Maintenance (9-10 AM Pacific).
That bolded part is good clarification. I had just tested a miniscule part of the new build with only one type of attack. YMMV with other combinations and so takes a bit of the value of my comments in the Ammo thread away.

Thx, Bob! smile

P.S. I was only using Vital Strike 6. Short on time and only wanted a clear comparison between ammo strengths.
Is the public spreadsheet expected to be updated with the live attacks?
Is the public spreadsheet expected to be updated with the live attacks?

I'll update the public spreadsheets after EE 14 is deployed to live. Doing so is a largely manual process, so it won't happen instantly.
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