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New Player

just created my account. Looking for people to play with / guide^^
WxCougar of KOTC
Welcome, Barrin! There are many people here who are great to play with as well as very helpful in answering questions you no doubt have (we have all been there!).

What time zone do you like to play in mainly? That can definitely be helpful in finding others to group up with. Also, feel free to chat in the General Chat any questions or just to see who is available to do quests or escalations.
Keeper's Pass (NG) - Respecting life, protecting freedom, united against tyranny. We are a Crafting Settlement with friendly people and welcome many play styles including casual and Role playing. For more information check our Traveler's Guide to Keeper's Pass at If you wish to join with us in Keeper's Pass come visit us at our website at
Thanks for your fast reply.
My Timezone is UTC+1, though I play at different times daily^^
Is there a difference between the races for crafting?
You are a Troll
Yes, there are. Please see this page of the Goblinary (an invaluable player made resource) for different racial bonuses:

And welcome to PFO!

Edit, nevermind smile the bonuses do not show up in Goblinary….but it IS still a really useful resource!
Is there a difference between the races for crafting?

In terms of crafting/refining, dwarves get good bonuses to Armorsmith, Weaponsmith, Smelter, Sawyer, Tanner, Iconographer and Apothecary, but small penalties to Sage and Seneschal. Elves get good bonuses to Alchemist, Artificer, Bowyer, Engineer, Jeweler, Leatherworker, Tailor, Gemcutter and Weaver, but small penalties to Sawyer, Smelter and Tanner. Humans just get a small bonus to most crafting/refining, so they're kind of the base level across the board.
Iram Thelbane
Welcome Barrin.

I am living in France, so my time zone is the same as yours. If you need some help ask me, i will be pleased to help you!

Have a nice day.
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