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So is there a search box I'm not seeing?

This forum kinda sucks. I don't see any way to search for topics and every guide I click on leads me to some site that wants me to sign up. Why are they making it so frustrating to learn how to play?
Our forums are pretty rudimentary, and with a development team as small as ours is, it's tough to get forum improvements to the top of the priority list. For searching, I personally just go to Google and search for "" (or "" if I don't want to see blog posts or other non-forum pages) followed by whatever search terms I'm looking for.

In terms of guides, we do provide links to our main guides from the patcher (New Player Guide, Combat Guide and Crafting Guide) are hosted on our site and shouldn't ask you to log in. They're a bit outdated, but should get you started. Here are the links if you don't have the patcher handy:
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