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Unexpected Error: Cyclic Redundancy Check

So I'm trying to reinstall Pathfinder Online after having not played it in ages. I am stuck not able to install the game due to this error that pops up with the Launcher: 'An unexpected error occurred: Data error (cyclic redundancy check). Please try restarting the patcher.' I've restarted the Patcher many times now, but nothing. Always CRCs at the same point: It inspects local files, finishes Textures.pig, then goes to Environment Prefabs, then goes to Determining updated files. Shows 2/673 - SkinnedMeshes.pig, holds there for a bit then the Cyclic Redundancy Check. I don't know what to do… someone help!
For anyone else who runs into something like this, this basically means there's some kind of corruption in one of the downloaded files. If it happens once and then corrects itself when you run the patcher again, it was probably just some kind of temporary internet problem. If it happens consistently, there's a good chance it's due to a hard drive problem, so you might want to check your drive for errors. Alternatively, you can just clear enough things out (in particular, delete the patcher from your temp folder) to make it likely that the downloaded files are going to a different chunk of your drive.
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