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EE 14 Preliminary Release Notes

Sad Face
A late patch is better than a broken patch.
Hobson Fiffledown
My silver piece issue was really with the freehold upkeep description. The 160 silver a week is absurd, if possible. But I could see paying 7-10 silver a week with my playstyle if things are really busy again. If it's automatic like loot is (and from our vaults I'm guessing), I could see not noticing slowly paying 40 silver a month instead of 4 for a while, but ouch when you do notice…

'Freeholds cost 1 silver to set up. This initial fee is paid automatically when the building is placed. Blah blah blah cooldown. Blah blah another silver to set up again. Otherwise, blah blah behaves like other personal buildings for upkeep.' I mean, that's a first draft. A little splash screen for a final build and payment confirmation when you right-click the freeholding from inventory couldn't hurt either.
If you are spending 7-10 silver a week moving a building around, but if you're actively moving it around I find it hard to think that you aren't getting even 100 copper from drops each time.
Hobson Fiffledown
Simple concept…expect 1sp of cost per week how it was worded and the actual cost could be 10sp per week based on use. I'm not yelling about a PL report, just expectation of cost verses actual cost on one line. If GW is charging $99 for a premium item the explanation of upkeep costs should be accurate and up front. I'd hate to see even a few new players (of the impending thousands) accidentally go broke because they played with a $99 premium item too much. We all see how much research the average new player puts into the game before subbing… Details should be, well, detailed and up front regarding the possible costs of using these items in game.

Anywho, with the in-game notifications that Bob talked about, it removes the issue of realizing what's happening only after the coin dent is large enough to notice. As far as product expectation goes, it's up to GW how they want to describe purchasable items. So…I think we're good here.

Sold all my extra smallholds for $150 each a while back. No skin off my back here. smile
This space for rent.
We've deployed a server-side fix to Zog and will spend the rest of the day testing it out. Assuming it does well, we plan to deploy EE 14 to Live tomorrow during Daily Maintenance (9-10 AM Pacific).
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