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New Player Looking For Company/Settlement

Hello all -

I just started playing, and have worked through the class and crafting tutorials so far. I've read through a good portion of the guides and forum posts as well and thought I'd introduce myself here to see what companies are currently active that are recruiting. My timezone is CST and playtimes are typically evenings/weekends.

I'm still deciding what direction I want to take my character (Dwarf!) but still have a couple questions around classes.

Is it feasible for a new player to be primarily a crafter or crafter/gatherer? My concern is the inability to gather or purchase the needed materials to craft without taking on an adventurer role. Are nodes accessible without having to worry about monsters guarding them or having to clear monsters out of these areas? If a pure crafter or crafter/gatherer is feasible, that would ideally be the direction I'd like to go. If not, then I'd be interested in either Cleric or Fighter along with a crafting profession. I understand that with time everything is possible, but I'd rather focus my XP points and progress rather than spread them too widely.

Thanks in advance for any advice and company suggestions!
Hi Runesire,

Yes you can be a gather/crafter and without martial skills! I have a new company called The Free Highlanders. It's for new players. Look it up in game: on your screen in the top left corner you see some icons. Click the inner left "tower Icon" and search for The Free Highlanders. apply if interested!

Then please go to and register there.

We'll get you set up and going in no time. smile
Hi Runesire, the dominion are good people, especially if you are after joining a larger multi-settlement alliance.

If you prefer smaller groups you could also look at Keepers Pass which is an independent dedicated crafting, trading and gathering settlement in the South West. Keepers Pass maintains the most active Auction House in the game outside Thornkeep. We have all refining and crafting at a high level and pride ourselves on remaining independant. You can find us at .

A third option suited to people wanting to just gather and refine and pretty much do their own thing is to join Clueless at Fort Ouroboros. Keeper's Pass is currently helping Fort Ouroboros return from a long period in hiatus. There was a risk they would be taken over by one of several large groups and then left empty so we agreed to help out. They have an Auction house, all refining and combat (except seminary) but minimal crafting (leatherworker and Engineer only), the settlement is built as a frontier gathering and hunting hub. Fort Ouroboros would suit someone wanting to be part of a frontier settlement where they pretty much can run their own show with minimal interference.
Iram Thelbane
Hello Runesire,

I am from Carpe Noctem, an independant settlement in the south of Thornkeep, close to it.

I have read carrefully your post, your time zon in CST, at Carpe Noctem we have all facilities for crafting at a high level. We are also sympathetic.
But as you are in CST time zone and play in the evenings/weekends i think that you should not come in our settlement, because we are recruiting US players who play at night, or european players… And if you came with us you probabily play alone regularly!

But if you meet some Carpe Noctem members regularly, think to us!

And welcome to the game!smile

Thanks for the responses everyone!

I think I'd fit better with smaller groups - as long as they weren't so small as to never be around. Edam, both Keepers Pass and Fort Ouroboros sound interesting to me. Would joining a frontier settlement be too much a challenge for a new player? Is there enough support to assist a new player or would Keeper's Pass be a better choice?

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