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Ammo Auto loads

Not sure if this a bug, but I noticed that my wizard will auto load salvage charge gems even after I dropped a batch of 250 T2 gems on the container. He starts out fighting with the T2 gems. After a battle, if available, he restocks the salvage gems over the remaining T2 gems. He then will go back to the T2 gems when the salvage gems run out. Seems like he wants to use the cheap stuff before burning the good stuff I provided. Is there a setting that I can toggle to make sure he uses my preference, depending on the battle I am engaged in?
The only thing you can really change right now is the order the ammo is loaded into different slots. I thought it would restock first from the top slot down (which would include salvage ammo if it's in a slot or was recently in a slot), then auto-load salvage ammo if there's more room. If you at one point had salvage gems in your top slot, and T2 in a lower slot, then it would restock the salvage ammo, notice that it now has charges in the top slot, and thus switch to firing salvage until it runs out. Alternatively, the program could be auto-loading salvage first, then reloading the rest if there's still room. If so, that's probably something we could switch around pretty easily, though I'd be interested to hear more opinions about the order we're stocking things in before making any changes.

Likewise, I could add a feature request for Reloading/Restocking preferences. As you all get a bit more used to this initial ammo system, it would be great to hear more opinions on what improvements seem the most important so that we can better prioritize them against each other, and against other planned work.
Thanks for the reply. I'll wait on the "feature request for Reloading/Restocking preferences" until after I've used the system a bit.
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